Review: Benefit Dandelion Face Powder

Benefit Dandelion Perk-Me-Up Powder ★★
Price: $51.00
About: brightening facial powder in a pressed powder formula. Packaged in a cardboard box compact and includes firm brush for application.
Review: I hate saying this but Dandelion just did not do it for me. I understand that this is a pressed powder designed to dust all over the face for a brightening effect but it just did not seem to work for me. My expectations might be too high but I was expecting a subtle powder that gives skin light, glimmer and a healthy glow, not one which struggles to be seen. At first I applied to cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose but after struggling to find results, I would dust it all over my face. The powder left traces so subtle on my skin that I have to squint to find it and is not how I expected. Unfortunately I would not use again and would recommend other skin brighteners to those seeking recommendations but I do love the travel-size brush which is stiff and very versatile. I also love the packaging which is very 'Benefit' and so unique from other products on the market, so it gets an extra star for this reason.

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