Review: Ere Perez All-Day Sunflower Oil Mascara - Brown

Ere Perez All-Day Sunflower Oil Mascara - Brown ★★★★
Price: $29.95
About: brown mascara made from natural ingredients and packaged in a white plastic mascara tube with wand applicator.
Review: Having never tried a brown mascara, the idea of comparing a brown mascara to a black one was an interesting idea. Natural Sunflower Oil Mascara has a large wand which appears volumising and I was expecting to see thick brown tinted lashes. I was wrong - instead I see lashes lightly coated in a brown tint that look very 'natural', I recommend you compare the difference yourself to see what I mean because while the finish is very subtle in comparison to a black mascara, it has a beautiful finish that still accentuates lashes. The brush gets in there and coats every lash and helps separate them which is a huge relief for me as one side always clumps. The best bit about Natural Sunflower Oil Mascara is the ingredients, including sunflower oil, bees wax, soy bean wax and Vitamin E to condition and strengthen lashes. It is also perfect for those who endure sensitive eyes (like myself) because it does not irritate or flake, however it does flake off with an eye makeup remover. I will use Sunflower Oil Mascara - Brown in future, but wish I did not have to pump the mascara wand so much to catch the formula on the brush.
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