Review: Omnilux Revive (Ella Rouge)

My skin feels fresh, plump and rejuvenated right now and I seem to have a certain glow about me of late... oh no, I am not pregnant! It is all thanks to a fabulous non-invasive treatment known as Omnilux Light Therapy and it is available at your nearest Ella Rouge Beauty Medi Spa. Over the past eight weeks I have been treating my skin with Omnilux Revive, an anti-age treatment and after a course of nine treatments my skin is simply glowing, looking plumper than ever.

What is it: Omnilux Light Therapy is a quick and painless light therapy treatment that works to turn back time. This natural light therapy treatment works to reduce the visible signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, and boosts collagen to plump the skin’s appearance. Acne sufferers rejoice because Omnilux Light Therapy works to treat acne and reduce the appearance of scarring.
How does it work: As the name suggests Omnilux Light Therapy is a professional grade machine that can only be used by trained therapists. The handle connects to a curved plate which sits close to the face. Once on the Omnilux Light Therapy machine uses a narrow band light that emits LED’s which target skin cells and re-awakens them to naturally plump up the skin whilst accelerating skin’s healing process. Although Omnilux sounds ‘techie’ to someone unfamiliar with the process, it is completely pain-free and works so effectively that Omnilux is ideal to undergo after a surgery procedure.
There are three types of Omnilux Light Therapy procedures:
Omnilux Revive
uses a red light to rejuvenate skin cells and repair damaged skin. Focusing on fine lines and uneven skin tone, Omnilux Revive delivers a wavelength of red light directly to the skin.  It is designed to penetrate deep in to the skin and naturally boost skin’s collagen.
Omnilux Blue™ uses a blue light to stimulate anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties from deep within the skin to stabilise over excessive sebum production that acne suffers endure on a daily basis. The result is to effectively treat acne and prevent it from taking control.
Omnilux Plus™ uses a white light to heal the skin in more depth than Omnilux Revive and Bluehowever the main purpose is to heal skin which makes it ultra popular for use after cosmetic surgery. Plus™ also works effectively to turn over skin cells quickly and treat burns, new scars and other damaged skin.

My experience: I was treated to 9 courses of Omnilux Revive™ at my local Ella Rouge Beauty Medispa. Unsure of what the treatment involved or how it worked, I went in with no expectations. Beauty Therapist Lauren greeted me each time and made me feel safe in her care. Each treatment session includes makeup removal and skin cleanse followed by the Omnilux treatment. Once my skin is prepped, eyecare goggles are placed over my eyes to protect them from the light from the Omnilux machine.
Once the machine is over my face, I am urged to lay still with my eyes closed and relax. The first light is bright yet tolerable but be warned that the second light is very bright – the first time I experienced Omnilux I wanted to jump off the bed! Do not let this scare you though because once Omnilux is actually very relaxing. After my eyes adjust to the light, Lauren gives me an indulgent neck, shoulder and scalp massage which has me forgetting about the intense bright light.... until she turns the light off and I realise the twenty minute light therapy treatment has just flown by. Face and eyes are then moisturised and sunscreen is placed to prevent the skin from sun damage. Overall each treatment is quick, enjoyable and convenient.
Although results can take a while to show (usually around 6-8 weeks), my skin started to feel smoother and firmer after a few weeks of treatments and by my last one, skin was looking healthy. The noticeable smile line crease has reduced in size and even the fine lines around my eyes have softened quite dramatically, and I am confident that it is all thanks to Omnilux. Friends have complimented me on my skin and how I have a healthy glow – one friend even told me I look ‘so good’ ... like I had a healthy pregnant glow! While I believe that Omnilux is a truly amazing non-invasive skin treatment I do believe it is important to use products recommended by your skin therapist to help you to achieve the best result possible.
How long does it take to see results:
It is recommended to have a course of 8 or 9 treatments to see results because visual and physical results do not happen overnight. One to two treatments per week will assist to speed up the process however it can take about eight to twelve weeks before results are visible. Thank you to Lauren for your knowledge and making my skin glow.
How much does it cost: $99 per session, or $800 for a course of 9 treatments.
For more information on Omnilux click here.
So what are you waiting for? Turn on the light to turn back time!

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