Review: Beauty and the Bees Flowerpetal Toning Mist

Beauty and the Bees Flowerpetal Toning Mist ★★★½
Price: $22.20+
Size: 100ml / 500ml
About: hydrating and toning facial mist made with rose water. Packaged in a brown glass bottle with pump-action spray applicator.
Review: The first thing I want to mention is Flowerpetal Toning Mist's pretty rose scent that tells you right away that the product is all natural and contains fresh ingredients. The basic purpose of Flowerpetal Toning Mist is to hydrate skin and renew the pH balance after cleansing, however it also acts as a wonderful pick-me-up on hot days or when skin feels dry during the day. Although I like the scent, I am not 100% sold on the toner because I have used others out there which are very similar in terms of scent and performance. The only difference with this one is that is is slightly less expensive. Not a bad product all in all and I would recommend.
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