Review: Beautisol Go Slough Yourself Dual Action Scrub

Beautisol Go Slough Yourself Dual Action Scrub ($20.00AUD) ★★★½
Size: 118ml
About: exfoliating body scrub consisting of hard granules in a cream formula. Designed for face and body. Packaged in a plastic bottle with flip-top screw lid.
Go Slough Yourself is an invigorating body scrub that gives skin a good exfoliation without leaving it feeling raw. Go Slough Yourself is a fantastic option because it is gentle, leaves skin feeling clean and soft. The granules are mixed through a cream based formula which mean this does not spill and leave a big mess in your shower like many loose body scrubs tend to do. It contains salicylic acid to help skin exfoliate, Passionflower Flower Extract & Acai Berries. Although Go Slough Yourself is designed for the face and body, I personally chose to avoid using it on my face because I know the skin on my face is much more sensitive and would find the scrub too abrasive. The scent is light and appealing and it reminds me of a summery lemon scent that adds to the cleaning experience. The packaging could do with a revamp - it looks attractive but its functionality is an issue because the formula does tend to stick to the bottom of the bottle and is hard to pour/tip out. Plus the flip-top lid does clog so I unscrewed the cap and knocked the bottle until it came out. This was the main and only real downer which I came across when using Go Slough Yourself. I am super impressed with the fact the brand is free from chemicals including parabens and SLS, so should the packaging be reformulated then this would score higher.
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