PRODUCT REVIEW: Beauté Pacifique Puffy Eyes Gel

Beauté Pacifique Puffy Eyes Gel ★★★
Price: $75.00
Size: 15ml
About: eye gel designed to reduce puffiness while firming skin around the eyes. Packaged in a white bottle with pump applicator.
Review: While Puffy Eyes Gel claims to firm and tighten puffiness around the eyes, I believe that puffiness first needs to be drained away from the built up eye area and not forced to deal with puffiness while tightening because this will irritate a sensitive eye. I know this because I have very sensitive and naturally dry eyes and puffiness is a common occurance for me. While the cooling sensation of Puffy Eyes Gel is pleasant it is not an overly memorable experience because once blended in to the skin the cooling effect disappears quite quickly. Described as a gel , the consistency is actually a little thicker than gel and this is quite surprising because it takes a littl longer to pat in to the skin and with the eye area being so thin, the texture feels a little too rich for the specified area. The smell is subtle and pleasant and reminds me of the ocean. Although I would not use again in future due to the fact that my puffy peepers did not benefit too greatly from using Puffy Eyes Gel, I ask that you do not discount it because the product is certainly suitable for someone who does not have sensitive or dry eyes because the formula contains added fragrance (Parfum). Chamomile Extract works to relax and soothe the skin while Lemon Peel Extract gently brightens the eye area which reduces the signs of dark circles.  The overall result: my eye area feels soft and smooth however it does not necessarily feel as though the skin around my eyes are firmer.
Purchased: No.

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daysofourlives123 said...

I saw this on ACA the other night. Good to hear a refreshing and honest opinion about it :D

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