PRODUCT REVIEW: Australis Lash TLC Conditioning Mascara

Australis Lash TLC Conditioning Mascara in 'Black' ★★
Price: $14.95
About: mascara packaged in a pink mascara tube with lash wand applicator. Designed to give volume, length and definition.
Review: The name is rather receiving and at first I thought Lash TLC was a conditioning mascara designed to strengthen lashes and so it was a surprise to discover that this is fact your typical mascara designed to lengthen and volumise. The results tell a different story though as the thick and clumpy formula is dry and rather difficult to apply to lashes. Lash TLC Mascara leaves lashes looking brittle, it makes my eyes feel irritated and goes on uneven. Unfortunately I did not feel as though my lashes were conditioned in any which-way which is a shame as the formula contains Vitamine E and Amino Acids. The brush is a thick traditional style and could provide better results if used with a different lash formula. While it is a quick and affordable option in the world of mascaras, Lash TLC is not one that. I would not recommend Australis Lash TLC because unfortunately sometimes you really do get what you pay for.
Purchased: No.

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