Accessories Label Diva is Ear-Piercingly Good!

Exciting news! Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere you would know that global label Diva leads the fashion accessories industry. But did you know that from Monday 4th July, 2011 the high-street label will be offering an in-store ear piercing service?

Yes - each Diva store, all 200 of them will have their own fully qualified Diva team member available for ear piercing across Australia and New Zealand.
An appointment is required so be sure to visit or call your closest store to make your booking. Once booked, take a look at their beautiful range of earrings and choose yourself a pair - I have popped some of my current faves here for you to admire.

How much is it?
For just $20.00 you can walk in to your Diva store and come out with pierced ears. You will receive a pair of sterilized stainless steel Studex earrings. Aftercare antiseptic spray is not included, however it is available for purchase to prevent infections.

Now Diva fans can not only rely on their favourite accessories label to house the most on-trend earrings but look to the brand to pierce and care for the ears too - you beauty!

What do you think of Diva's new ear piercing service?


Madame B Fatale said...

Too be brutaly honest it kind of makes me nervous. I'm one of those people that strongly believe in getting peircings from a peircing/tattoo parlour (tattoo's too, I have seen a many a horror story of people getting cosmetic tattoos from beauticians) I know this isn't the case the majority of the time its just something I wouldn't do without reaserch.

Secret Gal said...

i am really nervous about getting my ear lobes pieced, do you have any good tips to calm me down or some exercises to not be so scared about it or just any place in melbourne or geelong area to get them done at?

Tammerly Robinson said...

Madame B, thanks for your feedback.
Secret Gal, my best advice to you: don't be afraid! I am a big wuss and I am the first person to whine at the sight of blood but I had my ears pierced when I was two years old and have had a few other piercings done since then. If I can do it then do can you! Ask friends and family about who they might recommend in your area. Ear piercings are probably the easiest. Good luck!

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