2011 Hair Expo Australia

With a line up of established hair and beauty brands, Hair Expo Australia 2011 proved to be a hit with visitors and salon owners. Running over the June long weekend (11-13 June) Hair Expo Australia was a whirlwind of hair, colours, wefts, extensions, beauty tools, cosmetics, and enough hairspray to completely eliminate the ozone layer.... just kidding!

After catching up with fellow blogger Adeline from Through Beauty Eyes, we attended Rae Morris' Look & Learn Makeup Seminar which was just fantastic. Rae is a ball of energy full of so much knowledge and she ran about the stage sharing tips, tricks and news whilst everyone seated tried to write it all down in time. And her work is phenomenal! I have seen so many images from Rae's portfolio in advertisement and editorial campaigns but it was not until she showed them during the seminar that I realised they were hers. The three hour seminar was just so worthwhile to me because as a makeup artist I need to stay on top of the game and her helpful suggestions have given me the inspiration and drive to keep at it, so if you are reading this Rae, please find a million thank you's coming your way!

The Hair Expo floor contained 150 of the best retailers in hair and beauty including Matrix, Redken, La Biosthetique, Aveda, Goldwell, O&M, Moroccan Oil, Napoleon Perdis and Smiink to name a few. Being a huge Napoleon Perdis fan I was thrilled to discover that both Napoleon Perdis and NP Set were at the show. If you are unfamiliar with the brands then I highly urge you to visit a counter/store and take a few pieces home with you because once you become familiar with the brands, you will become an addict.

Original Mineral founder Jose and her baby bump battled the hard floor and huge crowds over the three days to educate hairdressers and salon owners of the amazing benefits of natural hair care and hair dyes. First of all, hairdressers do not have to endure the scent of peroxide all day long and their hands become softer as they are no exposed to chemicals all day long. Meanwhile clients with sensitive scalps can enjoy an ammonia-free colour that looks just as amazing (if not more) than their regular hair dye. I love Team O&M's black ties - I want to buy one and wear it as part of my Pink Diva uniform. You have to try O&M because it is changing the future of hair - it has already changed mine.
Jose Bryce Smith with her gorgeous husband & co-owner

New to Moroccan Oil, Adeline and I decided to visit their lovely large stand to see what all the fuss was about. We had no idea that Moroccan Oil was going to blow our minds... but it did in a big way! I met with their brand manager and had a chat about the brand as a whole. I expressed my hair concerns and she helped me to address them. Having been rained on before arriving, one of their lovely hair stylists tidied up my frizzy strands and had me feeling like new in no time. I can't wait to trial and review their new Light oil formula because it is pretty awesome!

GHD held a small event for their Fame Team, four talented hair dressers hand picked by GHD. They demonstrated fabulous hair styles that each created and I had to stop and stare in pure amazement... the art of haircutting and styling is truly amazing and intricate! While there, Adeline and I bumped into Christina from Hair Romance. She had been covering the event over the three days and was so excited. She was a lot of fun and I look forward to hopefully learning how to style hair from her one day ha ha.

The Hair Awards nominees were truly amazing as always - I seriously envy these amazing salons for having such beautiful portfolios... I only wish I had enough time and money to create the stunning looks that each created mixed with beautiful photography and fantastic styling and accessories. Well done to my friend Stevie English and his salon Stevie English Hair, finalists at the awards. I love everything they do and hope that one day Stevie and his hair team will collaborate with me on a photoshoot.

I have so much more to share with you but instead I will leave you with a few fantastic images that captured the three day event. If you missed Hair Expo Australia 2011 then be sure to pop next year's event down on your calendar: 9-11 June 2012. I know it seems so far away but I guarantee that if you blink you will miss it!

I love this freckled model - the fringe, red lips and curly hair suit her so beautifully.

GHD's Fame Team at work under the bright lights and hundreds of onlookers.
Quirky hair colours and wigs are everywhere!

I absolutely adore this balayage - it is so perfect considering the contrast is so extreme.
FINALLY! A beauty shot. What a stunning shot it is.

What would you most like to see at Hair Expo and why?


Stevie Marie said...

Amazing photos they are so talented!!

Pink Diva: Makeup Artist and Beauty Guru xx said...

I know - it is just such a beautiful event!

Hair Romance said...

Great round up! Totally agree - how gorgeous is the redhead O&M model? I think I am becoming obsessed with freckles.
I have no idea where to start with my hair expo posts! I have a few images up and will get some posts up over the next few weeks...

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