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Competition has closed.

Have you heard of the new range making waves in the US? Well it has finally hit Australian shores (and I was the makeup artist for their Aussie advertisement).
Introducing: 7 Minute Eraser, a fabulous range of products that focus on targeting specific concerns:
- Wrinkle Eraser / Lifting
- Dark Circles / Puffy Eyes
- Skin Lightening
Each serum comes packaged in a pen and with a click of a button the product is released in to the brush which precisely disperses the product on to targeted areas with ease. What's the catch? Nothing.
Products are made from all natural ingredients, no needles required, no toxins used, and paraben free. An instant wrinkle reduction in just seven minutes!!!
Get excited beautettes because 7 Minute Eraser have given me not one, not two but SIX pens valued at $50.00 each to give away to my loyal readers:
2 x Wrinkle Eraser / Lifting 

Entering is easy, you just need to do two things:
•Follow Pink Diva's Beauty Spot blog (on the top right hand side)
•Answer the following question:
"What is your main skin concern and why?"
*Competition closes Tue 31st May, 2011
Open to Australian residents only.

To learn more about 7 Minute Wrinkle Eraser visit:

What is your main skin concern and why?

Competition is closed and the winners have been announced here


raelene graham said...

Age certainly taking it's toll!
Fine lines and wrinkles out of control!
Surgery scares me,so does lasers
Solution?-7 minute wrinkle eraser!

jay2abbey said...

Dark circles under my eye from not getting enough sleep.

Sefie said...

My main skin concern is scarring and hyperpigmentation. I scar very easily, and have dark marks on my skin that stay for months! I'd love to find something that reduces them faster.

jessiebelle said...

My age is finally taking it's toll, lines around my eyes and mouth are beginning to tell.

adnil63 said...

Four to six hours sleep a night does not paint a pretty picture in the mornings.

Veronica said...

The mirror I don't like to see,
Eye wrinkles over-taking me,
At the least I like to look my age,
But first I have to turn the page,
The 7 minute wrinkle eraser to seek perfection,
Maybe then I'll have an eye-catching youthful reflection.

Di from Max The Unicorn said...

I'm following via GFC as Di From Max The Unicorn :)
My main skin concern is dark cirles under my eyes. They lessen when I'm getting a good amount of 'beauty sleep' but that doesn't happen very often with a toddler. So I usually have horrible dark cirles, and I'm always looking for the miracle product that will fix them!

buddy8 said...

Well iam 55 now and have a few wrinkles that i would love to disappear, i would love to win this and see if it really works. :)

lindyloo said...

sun damage from years in the sun
early aging isnt fun
the 7 minute wrinkle eraser
could work wonders
can forget treatment with the laser!

MellissaD said...

My main skin concern is pigmentation from past sun exposure. I have some small areas that make me look like I have a dirty face! Would love to lighten these areas and give my face a better overall tone.

lindyloo said...

not to confident with the way i look
sundamage and dry skin
makes me look older than i am.
the 7 minute wrinkle eraser could be the answer to a better looking skin

Alice said...

My main concern is deep lines in my face. In addition to the ones that I've had on my forehead and between my brows for years, I've recently developed a couple of vertical ones alongside my mouth, which tend to get emphasised by makeup. :(

Ling said...

My main skin concern is my right nasolabial line - it has been wrinklified!!!!!!!!! Nooooooooo!!!

ps - my email is[at]


Hoppers said...

Who is that old lady in the mirror?
Can't be me-must be an error!
Wrinkles, dark circles and "crow-feet" galore.
Help me Wrikle eraser- I need you for sure!

Mel said...

My main concern is acne at the moment. Yes at nearly 30 I still get acne... will it ever go away?

wifluvelle said...

main concern now acne scars >.<

xoxo elle
ps: postcode 3128 :)

operationhotmother said...

Aging before my time dryness , wrinkles and those fine lines

Anub said...

Following on GFC.
My biggest skin concern at the moment is breakouts. I am having lot of pimples on my face.The one dried up have converted into scars and look so obvious.

shull said...

I still get a few pimples here and there but I am starting to notice around my eyes needs alot more attention I need something great for this area ASAP.

PS I love the background so much more happy and bright .... was that from my previous sugesstion?

Pink Diva: Makeup Artist and Beauty Guru xx said...

Hi Shull,
Yes the makeover took everyone's feedback in to account and I did agree on your background feedback so here is the new-look! Tada!

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