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Super appealing to the eco or vegan beauty consumer, Australian made brand Pure & Green Organics is proudly Australian Certified organic and endorsed by Planet Ark for being 100% cruelty free. Products are also 100% vegan and 100% palm oil free. The brand represents three main aspects: Pure - not synthetic, Green - made from plants, and Organic - grown sustainably without synthetic chemicals.

Pure & Green Organics Exfoliate Organic Facial Scrub with Lavender and Wild Rosella 100ml ($24.95AUD) ★★★
Product type: facial exfoliator with buffing grains, designed for normal to dry skin. Packaged in a clear plastic bottle with flip-top applicator.
Exfoliate by Pure & Green Organics is a unique facial scrub. Containing natural buffing grains, its gel consistency makes the experience quite different to its competitors as I am used to cream scrubs. The scrub's texture and consistency seem to feel watered down which does not make the product performat its best. Why? Because a thicker scrub with less water gives a more thorough scrub and in order for this to feel like it was working on skin, I feel the need to squeeze a large amount in to my hand and in doing so, I feel as though the product is being wasted. While I do not personally like the scent of lavender, it is tolerable but I know a lot of younger consumers also find the scent quite offensive so it is a shame that lavender cannot be replaced with another desirable natural ingredient such as honey which is ideal for dry skin. I love the fact it is Certified Organic and believe it deserves recognition but feel it still needs a little more work.

Pure & Green Organics Tone Lemon Tea Tree with Witch Hazel (100ml) $21.95AUD ★★★★
Product type: facial toner to balance skin after cleansing. Packaged in a plastic bottle with flip top applicator.
Attention eco beauty mavens: Tone by Pure & Green Organics is a fantastic facial toner enriched with Lemon Tea Tree and Witch Hazel. A soothing liquid toner, Tone prevents skin from drying out and hydrates skin after cleansing to reduce the feeling of tightness. While the formula works effectively and smells clean, I would like to suggest that the applicator is changed in to a spray as I personally find spray toners the way of the future. Gone are the days when I have time to apply toner to cotton pads and I personally prefer to save on waste anyhow.

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