Pink Diva Beauty has had a Face Lift!

Hi Beautettes,

After all of your wonderful feedback recently, I have been spending hours on end working on the new layout for Pink Diva Beauty.

My goal: to create a blog with a clean layout that is easy to navigate. But that's not all, folks I want it to look as pretty as possible.

While it is still work in progress (and I am in need of a new banner), I would love to know your thoughts on Pink Diva Beauty's latest makeover. Please provide your honest feedback and I'll love you forever!

Thank you for your ongoing support!
Tammerly xx

What are your thoughts on the new layout? Does Pink Diva Beauty looks fresher after her facelift?


Stevie Marie said...

I Love The New Look Its beautiful!!

wifluvelle said...

if u are pink, u are in my list ^^
vintage chandelier nice!

xoxo elle

Fabulous Life Inc said...

Vintage inspired, very pretty. LIKE

tkj81 said...

Love the new look Tammerly.

shull said...

Glad to see my feedback was heard and u changed to a lighter/brighter look I DO LOVE THE BLOG SOOOOO Much more now, so cheerful compared to before I like spending more time on here now also. And itrunning seems to be heaps faster lately and is easy to navigate. One thing again tho I didnt know I had to contact you for the prize and as i am new here didnt see the side tab until later on ...anyhow it may be easier for us newbies if the winners end up being announced in the actual competition section or something like that. :D

melmeko said...

Looking good darl, love the changes, whilst subbtle, they are still noticeable and I am finding no dramas in navegating around your site :) Its very warm and welcoming with a touch of feminine class :)

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