An Open Letter to PR Companies...

Dear PR,
As a Beauty Blogger / Beauty Writer my role is to educate readers about the world of beauty whether it be new beauty products, launches, events, campaigns, technology, gift with purchases as well as the odd fashion story.

I spend 20+ hours per week writing about the world of beauty in hope of reaching out to my readers and in order to promote the products your company represents. I write about beauty news, I attend events and I personally trial and review almost every product that is submitted for review. I do all of this around my 40 hour Mon-Fri job. I also run my Makeup Artistry business on weekends.

Having been a Beauty Blogger/Beauty Writer for almost two years I have met some amazing people in the industry who are only too happy to help promote the brands they manage. While many PR contacts have formed relationships, I feel the relationships must maintain a degree of professionalism.
What do I mean? Lately that many of my emails are going unread, not being replied to, or (I suspect) they are simply being deleted of late and it is very frustrating. When you request a response I am courteous and respond to you in a timely manner and therefore I expect the same treatment.

To the PR companies who almost always reply, you are just fantastic and I am so grateful! You lead the way in the industry and I will always recommend you to beauty brands in search of a good PR company to enlist with. I am sure you know who you are so thank you - keep up the awesome work!

In order to keep our work relationships strong, I simply ask that my emails be tended to. It's that simple. If you want your products promoted then that's all I ask. I apoligise for not being able to attend every event which I am invited to - please don't take this personally, I am simply very busy and cannot always take time off my day job. Please keep the invites coming as I truly appreciate each invite and will try to fit them in to my busy schedule.

To conclude my open letter, please understand that I love what I do and will continue to work hard as a Beauty Blogger and Writer but I tired of spending hours upon hours researching and emailing contacts when these leads become dead ends. Thank you for all of your ongoing support and I look forward to forming better relationships.


Tammerly Robinson


Ling said...

Interesting and insightful read as I am new to the beauty blogging world. Thanks :D

Elise @ StuffThatIBought said...

Respect Tammerly - you have just said what many of us are thinking. Beauty blogging is a labour of love for virtually all of us and it's amazing how far a little courtesy can go sometimes.

Pink Diva: Makeup Artist and Beauty Guru xx said...

Thanks ladies.
Elise, I appreciate your response because I am receiving responses from other bloggers who do not feel comfortable enough to speak up or post a comment here. xx

Pink Diva: Makeup Artist and Beauty Guru xx said...

"Good on you! I know that feeling.
Online is still treated as a second class citizen in Oz, unfortunately."
"It also amazes me that some PR companies are actually the least engaging in social media. Brands should choose carefully who they align themselves with."
"I feel your pain"
"I think it is great that you have posted something. I know EXACTLY how you feel and the same thing shits me to tears. But some PRs may find it a tad offensive & instantly think "But i'm busy too". Either way, u don't blog to make friends with beauty companies. u blog because you have something to say."

wifluvelle said...

kudos tammerly! i think oz pr companies do not understand fully what bloggers do and how to have a win win situation with us..i may not be entirely pro the brand/product becoz of unsuitability, but if the service is great, i will say it to the world..becoz we bloggers took the initiative to share to others before others share with us!

xoxo elle

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