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New CID Cosmetics is a range of products that have been designed to deliver results with maximum impact in minimum time. It offers women a simplistic approach to colour selection - you can pick up any product and one or more of the colours will absolutely suit.‘The aim was to create a range that simplified make-up application,’ explains Director and Founder, Kelly Colman.
Since its beginnings in 2006 the brand has grown to global status. Starting with only 5 products, the range now includes over 80 products and is manufactured in the UK, US and Italy. It has developed a loyal celebrity following including Sienna Miller, Leona Lewis, Natasha Beddingfield & Jade Jagger. 

New Cid i-Bronze Compact Powder Bronzer with Mirror in 'Rio' ($50.00AUD) ★★★★
Product type: baked pressed bronzing powder which contains a mirror. Packaged in a white compact.
This highly pigmented bronzing powder takes my skin from pale to tantastic in just seconds which is why I love New Cid i-Bronze so much. Three shades are swirled together in this nifty palette to give your skin a natural warmth without using just the one harsh tone. Then they are baked to prevent the powder from crushing or smashing if the compact is knocked about. My only recommendation is to tread lightly when you first apply because I can be quite heavy handed with my products and did overload my brush the first time. I found that pressing my brush lightly across the powder gives a more natural and buildable effect... load too much on the brush and you will have harsh brown stains on your cheeks that are hard to blend. I love the packaging and the mirror is too convenient, but I must say that this formula and the design of the product is very similar to an oldie but a goodie that I will not name here. The only real difference between the two is that i-Bronze is a bronzer and the other one I am referring to is a blush. One thing I do not like is the fsct that i-Bronze is loaded up with Parabens and also contains Polysorbate-20 which is not the safest of ingredients but the choice yours. Still, for $50 this is a good buy and I would certainly recommend it to the bronze loving ladies out there.

New Cid i-Gloss in 'Tickled Pink' ($32.00AUD) ★★★★
Product type: light-up lip gloss with built-in mirror on the side.
There is a lot to love about this product. The colour is perfect for the smokey eye/pastel lip look, or can be applied over a nude lip liner or lippy for deeper colour. The packaging is fantastic. It doesn't leak and has a mirror and light so it can be applied on the run. It isn't heavily fragranced and has a light weight texture. I have to say, I do prefer glosses that are thicker because they withstand the constant assault of water bottles and coffees I consume all day long! However, the handy mirror does make up for that – I can touch-up without having to leave my desk!
(Thank you to my lovely friend and hair stylist Jade Frances for her fabulous review)

New Cid i-Prime Foundation Primer 30ml ($55.00AUD) ★★★★½
Product type: lightweight serum with a silicone/gel consistency designed to prolong the wear of makeup. Packaged in a bottle with a twist-pump applicator to prevent product leakage.
Prepare to be impressed with New Cid's i-Prime foundation primer - a lightweight gel formula with a silicone texture that smoothes the skin and gives it an even appearance whilst helping makeup. One pump is more than enough - in fact I usually have some left over from one pump which shows just how a little goes a long way. The formula glides across the skin with ease and does not leave a residue, although I do find my hands get a bit of slimy residue when applying this, however this tends to wash off easily. While key ingredient Cyclopentasiloxane is not deemed to be one of the safest ingredients used in cosmetics, the rest of the ingredients do not prove too harmful which is assuring for those concerned about what they use on their skin. The scent is light and not too obtrusive, although it does smell artificial. I love the sleek packaging and how it comes with a twist top dispenser which prevent the formula from leaking. So how does it stack up to other primers on the market? It wears well during a ten hour day, and my makeup still looks fantastic when I come home from work which is extremely important to me. i-Prime is a fantastic foundation primer and while I would suggest that the manufacturers play with the formula to make it a little more natural, it still scores high.

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