Giorgio Armani Acqua for Life

Water is the world's most precious resource yet over 900 million individuals are deprived of sage, clean and healthy water for their daily essential needs. Water that is essential for drinking, eating, and guaranteeing a minimum standard of hygiene and maintaining one's health. Access to drinking water makes anything possible: A better life, a job, the possibility of growing up and escaping from poverty. It is for these reasons and many others that Giorgio Armani has teamed up with Green Cross International to launch Acqua For Life.

When Giorgio Armani chose to become involved, he wanted to “tackle the problem at its root”. Long aware of the work carried out by Green Cross International, Giorgio Armani offered to make two of his most famous fragrances, Acqua Di GiĆ² and Acqua Di Gioia, the link for “Acqua For Life” campaign. And I am sooooo excited that Armani have chosen to push these two fragrances to the foreshore of his fragrance collection because I have always loved the scent of Acqua Di Gio for men. It was just this week that I discovered the absolutely stunning Acqua di Gioia for women and it became my new Holy Grail fragrance in a nanosecond. In fact, my friend loved it so much that she went out and purchased one the same night!

Here is the Best Bit:
From March 1, 2011, every bottle of Acqua Di Gio and Acqua Di Gioa sold will generate a generous donation of 100 litres of drinking water per year to children and their communities... how amazing is that! The consumer is then invited to extend their action online. Scratch the silver part on the back of specially marked Acqua Di Gio/Gioia fragrances to reveal a personal code. For more information see the image below which outlines how your donation works:

What do you think of Giorgio Armani's vision for clean water? 

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pinkheartcaz said...

It's World Earth day this Friday and I think Giorgio Armani's vision for clean water is truly an amazing idea!

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