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If you get as excited as I do about fashion week events then you will forgive me for the lateness of this post. It contains coverage from backstage New York Fashion Week where uber cool hair care brand Sebastian Professional directed three fantastic hair creations for threeASFOUR, Pamela Love, and Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet. Read on to see each look, and find out how it was created by lead stylist and Sebastian Professional Global Design Team Artist, Anthony Cole.

PAMELA LOVE FALL/WINTER ’11 – February 12th
What's not to love about this look... this gorgeous model looks truly rock chick with the crazy frizzy teased hear, the soft feminine braids that connect from different parts of the hair line, and the amaaaaazing blue fantasy eye makeup to match. And let's not forget the blue hair wefts - not something I would wear but it really makes the look.

Inspiration: Along with color and bright metals, geometry played a large role in Pamela’s inspiration for Fall 2011. There is much more color in the latest collection as Pamela spent a lot of time playing with lots with iridescents and different colored metals while further exploring sharp shapes in the geometric realm.

Get the look:
1. Start by applying Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte throughout hair. Starting at the nape of the neck, section out two-inch sections of hair and one at a time divide them in half and twist counter clockwise. Spray the twist with Sebastian Professional Shine Define, and go over the sections with a flat iron, avoiding the top 1/3 close to the head.

2. Next, focusing on the top third of the hair, divide into small sections spraying Sebastian Professional Trilliant to hair. Backcomb each small section and then go over them with a flat iron. Let sections cool and then lightly brush with a comb for soft, light texture.

3. Finish by pulling the twisted sections apart and gently rubbing an inflated balloon over the top of the head to create static and natural texture.
threeASFOUR FALL/WINTER ’11 – February 11th
When the creative bone in our body has gone astray, we always turn to the reliable ponytail and the great news is that there are so many ways to create a pony. For starters take a look at this creation - a smooth and slick pony accompanied by an amazing fringe that covers 1/3 of the face in a sweeping motion, almost to the effect of a slithering snake. The faded red lip look accompanies it with absolute style. It's truly creative and worth appreciating.
Inspiration: This season, threeASFOUR was inspired by string art and the curves and shapes of musical instruments, fascinated by sound resonance and the core-reaching vibrations made when one strikes a string.

Get the look:
1. To start, dampen hair down with water and blow it out straight. Next, spritz hair with Sebastian Professional Shine Define and use a straightening iron to get hair very flat and extremely straight so you can create a strong graphic shape.

2. Take a big asymmetric section of hair from the front to just below the occipital bone (the curved bone forming the back and part of the base of the skull). this can be central or off to one side.

3. Pull the rest of the hair into a very tight ponytail. Saturate the sides with Sebastian Professional Liquid Steel to keep it very tight and wet-looking.

4. Comb the front across one eye and sweep into the back, fastening with a bobby pin. The shape in profile has a lot of skin showing in the center of the sweep. It’s shaped and secured with A LOT of Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce hairspray.
alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet Fall/Winter 2011 – February 14th
For those who love a mix of glamour and luxury then this look is for you. Created on Valentine's Day, this love creation is soft and feminine with a loose finish. An inside-out braid gives the look a stylish appeal while the messy bun and the unpolished loose ends make the look easy to wear and suitable for dressing up or down. The model's eye makeup is glamorous with a flick of black liquid liner and a dab of rustic red on the lip.
Inspiration: The Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet Fall 2011 collection evokes timeless elegance and unabashed glamour. Stacey Bendet represents a wardrobe for chic, free-spirited females; the empowered individual who is flawlessly fun and full of life, ready for a party, eccentric and captivating.
Get the Look:
1. To start, dampen the hair with water and generously apply Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray throughout the hair. Blow the hair out with just your fingers, keeping any natural texture in the hair and making sure the hair has plenty of volume.

2. Once the hair is completely dry, leave a soft parting where the hair falls into a break naturally. From here, spritz all over with Sebastian Professional Shine Define for flexible control and gently pull back the hair to either the center or to either side.

3. Twist very small, subtle sections on the sides and pull hair back into a large chignon and allow what pieces pop out to remain loose. Secure with a natural-colored hair band, matte bobby pins and fine pins. Pull the chignon into a pretty shape and secure with a few more pins.

4. Finally, spritz the hair with Sebastian Professional Trilliant for a soft natural hold and beautiful shine.
...And voila, you're done! How clever are you!
Which of these looks do you love? Would you try to re-create these looks at home?


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