Napoleon Perdis for NYFW 2011

2011 NYFW: What Goes Around Comes Around
show directed by Napoleon Perdis.
Doesn't the model have stunning shiny locks!

If I could have one wish right now, I would wish for the opportunity to be apart of Napoleon Perdis' Creative Team for New York Fashion Week (NYFW). The fashion, the people, the location, the hair and the makeup, and above all: the buzz. Unfortunately my dream has not become a reality (although I have asked Mr. Perdis via Twitter on a few occasions, ha ha) and so I will continue working hard to make a name for myself in the industry.

While I wait for my moment, may I present to you images and face charts from his 2011 New York Fashion Week shows. When I met Napoleon Perdis last year he told me that he was only scratching the surface of Hollywood's entertainment industry. With so many competitors surrounding him in the fight to become the world's number one cosmetics brand, Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics has come a long way from its studip in Broadway when the business launched 15 years ago.
Last year alone Napoleon Perdis made waves at the 2010 New York Fashion Week by directing six makeup shows so I am super excited to see Napoleon and his creative team almost doubling that to an impressive eleven shows for 2011 - well done!

I am OBSESSED with this look for Venexiana
Now I don't know about you but face charts excite me. They help me to visualise a look. I am able to see what colours are used, techniques used to create a look, and it all suddenly comes together. I use face charts when composing looks for my brides because they help me remember which look we have decided on as well as the products used. Face charts make me feel prepared and the pretty colours and product placement inspire me to create my own looks.
Napoleon Perdis uses face charts for each look that he directs at fashion shows and they are a fabulous tool for beauty fanatics to refer to when trying to re-create a look from home because let's face it - we won't have the entire Napoleon Perdis cosmetics collection in front of us when we create the look. Each month Napoleon Perdis cosmetics releases new face charts to their employees who are expected to wear the latest Look of the Month. In fact I still have actually kept few from back in the day when I worked on counter.

Stay tuned beautettes - this post will be updated during New York Fashion Week to keep you in the know.


What Goes Around Comes Around: Designers Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser create pieces with a vintage feel so the makeup design chosen for the show reflects a sixties Twiggy meets Diane Keaton feel, complete with oversized hats. What Goes Around Comes Around's look channels David Bowie before the Ziggy Stardust era with a sexy smoldering smoky eye and a simple lip with a pop of peach. Gray is the new black and this was reflected in the eyes.

To Recreate: "Use a matte gray like my Color Disc in Clean Slate through the mobile lid. For that definition, sweep the matte black directly through the inner corner of the socket and blend a shimmering light bronze on the brow bone. Finish by lining the top and bottom lash line with Eye Pencil in Grey Matters, and smudge for a truly Space Oddity look." - Napoleon Perdis.

Nicholas K:  Thursday, February 10th at 10am
Nicholas K:
Sibling designers Christopher Kunz and Nicholas K desired a rock-chic look with a strong focus on matte makeup, defined brows and a creamy beige lip that looks very nude. The eyes are very smoky and dramatic while the rest of the makeup is very simplistic and natural. Napoleon has created stunning chiselled cheekbones by bronzing and contouring - he is the king of contouring.

To recreate: "To approximate the effortless-looking smoky eye, sweep a matte taupe through the socket and along the brow bone. Then line the top and bottom lash with a black gel eyeliner and lightly blend a matte grey on top. For the brows, groom using an angled brush and carefully fill in with a matte dark chocolate shadow like my Color Disc in Espresso to Go. Top it off with a peachy nude lip like my NP Set in San Francisco." - Napoleon Perdis.

Victor de Souza: Thursday, February 10th at 3pm
Victor de Souza:
Designer Victor de Souza wanted a dramatic and otherworldly makeup look to complement his superbly tailored and elegant collection with dramatic black lines and hidden brows. Personally I do not like this look - there is nothing beautiful or inspiring to me about this makeup, and with pieces that contain so much attention to detail I think this look detracts from the overall appeal of the elegant fabrics and cuts.

To Recreate: To get this futuristic effect, Napoleon lightly blotted foundation to the models lips, bleached out the brows and created a graphic eye by using his top-selling Neo Noir Liquid Liner.

Venexiana:  Friday, February 11th at 9pm
  While this is an unknown brand to you or I, Napoleon has always been inspired by the brilliant designer behind Venexiana's collection: Kati Stern. Kati’s collection always delivers that luxurious European glamour, and Napoleon wanted to accentuate appeal that with a lavish and expensive makeup look that was different to others.

To Recreate: The focus for this look was on large lush faux lashes and not just for the top lashes either... these luscious long lashes were also carefully placed on the lower lash line to create a wide-eyed look, paired it with matte skin and a deep Bordeaux-colored lip with a dramatic cupid's bow for a bit of colour in the face. (This is my favourite look from Napoleon Perdis' shows).

Kaelen: Saturday, February 12th at 3pm-4:30pm Kaelen: A real American urban saloon glamour was the inspiration behind Kaelen’s Fall 2011 collection of earthy pieces with pops of color. The look was to really make the fashion the focus.

To Recreate: For the makeup direction, the color palette was all about really muted earthy tones and natural tones that were understated which was a good alternative for the smoky eye. The makeup is very soft, very beautiful, and barely there.

Elise Overland:  Saturday, February 12th at 6pm
Elise Overland:
It was all about an ethereal winter playground at Elise Overland, as it was presented on
an ice rink at the Standard Hotel which is uber cool in my opinion and being in the colder months over there the ice skating rink would have been freezing but the models look delightful and glowing.

To Recreate: To compliment Overland's Icelandic “winter playground,” the final look was all about luminous skin and cool undertones to give models that ice rink glow. Napoleon Perdis used cool undertones and pinks on the lips and cheeks to make sure that the models had a glow on the ice rink. While I would associate ice and winter with silvers and greys you will notice that there is not one reference to these shades in the final look - it is natural in design with a subtle yet dramatic eye.

Timo Weiland: Sunday, February 13th at 10:30am
Timo Weiland: Young designers Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein were very much influenced by a modernized Indian princess look meets Elizabeth Taylor in the film “A Place In the Sun” for their Fall 2011 collection. To me the model looks like  lovely ice queen.
To Recreate: Napoleon complemented that inspiration with strong brows, matte skin and contoured cheekbones. Apply China Doll Foundation to skin, China Doll Eyeliner in Alabaster, and Brow Pencil to emphasise the latest and greatest trend: thick, bushy brows. Complimented with a touch of foundation over the lip and a slick of clear Auto Pilot Lip Service.

GUiSHEM by Guillermo Jop: Monday, February 14th at 6:30pm
GUiSHEM by Guillermo Jop: Time traveling superhero was the muse for designer Guillermo Jop, and the collection of fembot party dresses with pops of colors like lime green and purples reflected that futuristic vibe. Now while I personally do not associate this look with time travelling heroes, nor do I particularly like it, the look does compliment the collection and the designer's pieces.

To Recreate: To highlight GUiSHEM's collection, Napoleon chose to create a nude canvas while using a two-tone colorful smoky eye with brown mascara and a soft shimmering pink lip.

Maisonette 1977: Saturday, February 12th at 6:30pm
Maisonette 1977: Inspired by this year’s blockbuster film Inception, designer Jane Ibrahim mixed tough
with sweet and minimal with prints and textures.

To Recreate: The makeup look was super matte skin and smoked out eyes. For the peepers, black shadow was blended underneath the brow bone. The lips were neutralized with a touch of concealer. I love this sexy look with its dramatic focus on the eyes and cheekbones. I love the fact the lips are muted and left bare because it still keeps the design looking soft.

Which look is your favourite? Would you feel comfortable enough to recreate these looks and wear them in public?


melmeko said...

The second look is more me, as I am not a fan of red/orange hued lipsticks. I love NP's work and have been avidly following his work for a few years now. So proud of a fellow Aussie who has done so well for himself, and he is doing an amazing job over in New York for fashion week. My ultimate dream is to have a makeover done by NP himself, haha, I know it is wishful thinking but a girl has to dream big :)

melmeko said...

Wow there really are some excellent looks added here now to recreate, will have to save some of these to try at home, thanks for sharing :)

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