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Beautettes, I am becoming increasingly proud of the beauty industry because beauty brands and industry professionals are coming together to help empower and assist people. I stumbled across the Australian Look Good...Feel Better campaign last week when a makeup artist mentioned her involvement with the program.

Look Good...Feel Better is a free community service that relies on professional makeup artists and hair stylists to volunteer their time to pamper women who are undergoing treatment for cancer.
Women in today's society juggle super busy lifestyles which can include career, family, financial issues,  household duties and social responsibilities so many of us do not find the time for ourselves. Unfortunately many of us do not take time out for ourselves until something drastic rocks our lives and changes things and
therefore Look Good...Feel Better is here for women fighting cancer. The program is designed to make these women feel as beautiful and as special as they would if they were not ill because all women should feel beautiful at all times. It teaches them to take time out for themselves and to put themselves first for a change.

Workshops teach women beauty techniques to help restore their confidence and self esteem. There is also a program for boys and girls aged between 12-20 who seek tips and techniques to help their self esteem and assist them with their appearance during this heartbreaking and devastating time in their lives.

If you are an industry professional or beauty brand that would like to get involved then click here.

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melmeko said...

This is such a worthwhile and completely generous and selfless act of kindness from those who offer their services to those who need it most. I have always supported this opportunity and would definitely encourage it because I believe it gives those women their confidence back so they can take off with their best foot forward (or should I say face ;) forward). If I ever move closer to a city I would love to get involved.

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