Dermalogica's FITE To Make Things Right in the World

If there is one thing that continues to excite me about the beauty industry, it has to be the fact that no two days are the same because the industry continues to evolve, brands change, products are launched and discontinued, and then there are notions of goodwill.

Case in point: Dermalogica.
Jane Wurwand founded Dermalogica in 1986. She did not have a lot of money at the time, in fact she was refused a $10,000USD business loan to get the brand up and running. But Jane had a dream and she refused to see it die, so she worked hard to launch the brand, create products backed by dermatologists and has built an empire of epic proportions. Dermalogica is now backed by a team of skincare scientists, and specialists and is love by people all around the world. Jane Wurwand never imagined that Dermalogica would grow to such proportions and the brand has just launched a fantastic new program that will help others reach their dreams and realise their potential.

Dermalogica has partnered with, a microfinance organisation to launch FITE - Fight Independence Through Entrepreneurship. FITE empowers women from all different walks of like around the world by loaning a small amount of money to enable them to build their business and make a difference in their lives. Once the woman grows her business and can pay back the loan, then the money is returned to FITE. Of course Jane Wurwand already has high hopes for the cause, pledging that FITE would like to assist at least 25,000 women within the first two years of the program. Why 25,000 women? Well Dermalogica have helped over 25,000 skin therapist entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses and have seen the impact and changes it makes on the woman's life.

FITE's Mission Statement: to provide women entrepreneurs access to small loans that will help them start or grow a business; and to help educate the public at large about the benefits of empowering women entrepreneurs so that they “can hold up their half of the sky.”

How you can help: Dermlaogica have selected a few products from the range and repackaged them with the FITE logo. If you buy these marked packs and go online to make your donation with the specially marked code, you can choose where the $1.00 donation goes to - you can choose not only which country it goes to but also what cause or career. This is where it gets exciting: you can check back on the website to see which countries have made donations to the program as well as track how your chosen entrepreneur is going with the paying back of her micro-loan.... How cool is that!
If you're like me and have just stocked up on your Dermalogica products, then you that's ok because you can still buy FITE merchandise from their website or make a personal donation to the cause.

I can't wait to get my hands on a few FITE products because I love a good cause and I am always brain storming about how I can help others in need ...without going in to debt myself!

What do you think of Dermalogica's FITE program? Do you like the concept?

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melmeko said...

Love this idea, and I love Dermalogica good for them xxx

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