2011 Clinique It Girls ... And I Am One of Them!

Modelling the gorgeous Hussy dresses we each received.
Beautettes, it has been a fortnight since I received a phone call from Clinique to offer me a position as one of Clinique's 2011 It Girls and time has flown ever since. Being so close to Christmas and with only two months until my wedding, my mind is filled with so many exciting things and this is definitely one of them.

As one of the six chosen 2011 Clinique It Girls, it is my duty to trial and review new colour products from Clinique's cosmetics range ... and I have had a sneak preview of one already and let me tell you it looks very cool!! My video blogs (vlogs) will feature on Clinique Australia's You Tube channel and hopefully it introduces me to new readers and gives me a better chance at breaking in to the writing, beauty and PR industries as these are my dream careers.

Anyhow back to the competition! Although six girls have been selected, we were invited to Clinique's It Girls pent house and introduced to one another. Here we were given a filming brief and the following morning we spent the entire day shooting four different makeup challenges so that you, the readers can choose your favourite looks and help Clinique decide on the number one winner of the entire It Girls Campaign.
The It Girl with the most votes will receive a one month internship with Clinique Australia and BellaSugar Australia - both of these prizes would be dream opportunities for me and would hopefully give me the chance to provide Pink Diva's Beauty Spot with more content and lots more exposure... so please, PLEASE vote for me.

So what do you get by voting? You have the chance to win $1,000.00 cold, hard cash! Ooh la la!

Look One: Fresh Foundation
I absolutely LOVE creating the perfect base. Every single woman can look amazing with a perfect base, regardless of their skin type or condition and as a makeup artist I feel like it is my duty to help educate women on how to achieve this look. Many people try to hide their flaws by packing on more and more makeup and this is a common mistake. See below for my Fresh Foundation look for Challenge One:

See 2011 Clinique It Girls Challenge One video here:

Look Two: Smokey Eyes
Smokey eyes can be tricky - especially when we do them on someone else because everyone has different eye shapes, eye colours and other different facial features which ultimately determine how to create a smokey eye - if someone has close set or deep set eyes we do not want a block colour of darkness. Model Emma is fair skinned with gorgeous facial features and so I chose to use a pop of purple/mauve on the inner corner of her eyes on her upper lid and blended a smokey charcoal grey out to the edges. I kept her lips quite nude to compensate and vamped up her blush to give it a 'finished' look. See below for my Smokey Eyes look for Challenge Two:

See 2011 Clinique It Girls Challenge Two video here:

Look Three: Bold Lip
When we think of a bold lip we tend to think fire engine reds and maroon tones, and this seemed to be the theme in the room. However, I chose to use a beautiful plummy tone because I wanted the shade to stand out and I knew it would compliment Emma's gorgeous features in a nano second. I decided to keep the rest of her makeup looking soft and natural with a hint of navy blue eye liner and a soft shimmery eye shadow. Emma thought her lips were floating and could not recognise herself with such bold lips but I think she looks gorgeous. See below for my Bold Lip look for Challenge Three:

See 2011 Clinique It Girls Challenge Three video here:

Look Four: Summer Bronze
The final look for the day was very exciting. With such beautiful skin, I did not want to put too much on Emma because I wanted to ensure that Emma's beauty shone through. I mixed Clinique's Up Lighter illuminator with Emma's Superbalanced Makeup Foundation and achieved a gorgeous glowing bronzed beauty. My goal was to make Emma look flawless and bronzed, like she had just returned from Hawaii.
Golden tones were used on her eye lids and lips, while a soft bronzer was used across her facial features to help make her features 'pop'. See below for my Fresh Foundation look for Challenge Four:

See 2011 Clinique It Girls Challenge Four video here:

Thank you:
I would like to thank Clinique for their ongoing support as a beauty blogger and now as one of their 2011 It Girls. I would also like to thank my friend Jennifer De Luca who encouraged me to enter the It Girl Challenge (when I had honestly thought I would not be good enough to be considered - let alone short listed!!)
Last but not least, I would like to support my very loyal and supportive readers who have helped me to get where I am today - I am still a needle in a haystack but I hope that this helps me to grow in to a more influential beauty blogger and go-to beauty guru. Good luck to Molly, Mel, Rachel, Janice and Jodie-Anne.
Thank you and please remember to vote.
xo Tammerly


Pursuit Brooke said...

Voted. Well done - you have a great camera presence!!

pinkheartcaz said...

Congratulations once again Pink Diva! You truly deserve to be a Clinique IT Girl!

Pink Diva: Makeup Artist and Beauty Guru xx said...

Thank you so much - I am proud to be a Clinique It Girl.

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