Clinique It Girls 2011

Beautettes, I have some exciting news... I have been shortlisted for Clinique Australia's 2011 It Girls competition. To enter I had to submit an image of myself wearing a hot makeup trend and from there I was asked to submit a one minute video blog. The video blog shows myself applying my favourite eyeliner and explaining the technique.I am not too sure what happens from here but if successful I will be asked to join the six finalists at Clinique's it girl pent house where the girls will battle it out for Clinique's blogger of the year for 2011.

The winner receives an internship with Clinique and Bella Sugar. Being a huge fan of Clinique beauty and skin care as well as loving Bella Sugar website, I hope I can have a chance in the top 6 but if not there is always next year. I shall keep you posted xx


melmeko said...

Best of luck darl
Fingers crossed for you :)

SiSi said...

That's very exciting news! I'm a new follower here, but it's always good to hear stuff like this from fellow bloggers. Hope to hear more of you :]

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