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Created in 1994 by a celebrity makeup artist, US brand Stila is known for its modern, and fun approach to cosmetics. The brand is known for its multi-purpose products, its product textures and formulas and its collaborations with other well known brands such as its 'Barbie Loves Stila' range. The packaging is ecofriendly and the brand is cruelty free. Stila regularly tops beauty editors' top picks lists. The brand's goal: to help every woman celebrate their beauty, and to have fun doing so.
Stila Lip Glaze in 'Ulta Mate' ($42.00AUD) ★★★★★
Product type: tinted shiny lip gloss from Stila's Ulta Mate collection. Packaged in a clear plastic 'pen' with twist applicator to disperse the product and a lip brush on the other side for application.
If there is one thing I love in a beauty product it is a product that is easy to use and does not make a mess. Stila's Lip Glaze ticks all the right boxes with this handy little pen that can be carried in your bag, your purse, your back pocket and even on your computer keyboard because it is super slimline and easy to use. The twist applicator allows you to choose how much product you want and the lip brush is soft on the lips yet it stays in shape and follows the direction that you direct it to which means there is no mess or smearing around the lip area. Ulta Mate is a stunning baby pink shade that makes me feel pretty, feminine and girly all rolled in to one and I love to whip it out and use it because Stila is a luxurious brand and the glaze does not disappoint. The texture is smooth and sticky but I don't class it as ultra sticky. The scent is light but appealing and reminds me of fruity lollies.TI: twist 1-3 times for each application and around 15 times for your first application. Although it does contain mica, the formula is free from parabens.

Stila Long Wear Lip Color - Creme in 'Lover' ($45.00AUD) ★★★★★
Product type: creamy lip sticks with a creamy satin finish. Packaged in plastic wind up pens with click lid.
Holy moly if only every makeup brand was this good. First I fall in love with Stila's Lip Glaze and now I am obsessed with their gorgeous Long Wear Lip Colour which comes in a range of shades plus Stila often bring out limited edition shades to make your choice harder. The packaging is so pretty - a silver pen-like tube with flowers and the lip colour shade displayed on the end. Remove the lid to find a wind-up lipstick godet with the most beautiful lipstick: Long Wear Lip Colour. The soft and satin formula is a dream to work with because it glides along lips and the lip pen follows your direction (not the other way around) which stops bright or rich colours from going outside the lines. Now I am not the one to love (or even like) a red lippie but I have to say that Lover is the most beautiful red I have ever worn because the pink-red colouring suits my fair complexion and blonde hair which makes me feel more confident wearing it. On average, the colour lasts a full day with around 4 touch-ups and this was enough to keep it looking frest and tidy. I do have a bad habit of touching my chin and face so I often find red on my chin and hand when wearing it. I am so pleased with the formula that I can't wait to buy another one - in fact I want to add a few to my makeup collection!

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