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Francois Nars, one of the world's most coveted makeup artists has worked with the industry's finest celebrities, photographers, and supermodels. His love for makeup brought about the creation of NARS cosmetics which is regarded as 'high-end' cosmetics and has won the hearts of women all around the world. Originally NARS contained only 12 highly pigmented lipsticks which soon became so popular that the brand now has over 400 products. Favourites include 'The Multiple' and his best selling shade the cheekily named 'Orgasm'. Francois is not only a makeup artist but also a photographer and shoots NARS campaigns using his creative eye to detail.
NARS Blush in 'Super Orgasm' ($62.00AUD) ★★★★
Product type: highly pigmented pressed powder blush packaged in a black compact with a mirror.
If you are seeking a blush that looks the same on the skin as it does in the compact then NARS Blush is the perfect choice. This high quality pigmented powder gives skin a generous dose of colour and makes complexion look healthy. Super Orgasm is a beautiful peachy pink with gold glitter flecks pressed throughout and the because peach and coral shades compliment most skin tones, I would recommend this shade for women of all skin tones even though I am not a fan of glitter in powders because I think it looks artificial and unnecessary - we are not 10 years olf anymore, any formulas can have luminescence without glitter. Having said that though, the glitter is not too noticeable and when I do find glitter specks I usually scratch them off.
The reason I give this four stars is due to the glitter, parabens, talc and mica that NARS Blush contains.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in 'Cafe Con Leche' ($50.00AUD) ★★★★★
Product type: super soft jumbo lip pencil to enhance lips and prolongs lipstick or lipgloss on lips.
Velvet Matte has taken the take and is now my all-time favourite lip pencil for so many wonderful reasons. These jumbo lip pencils (that look like children's colour-in pencils) comes in the prettiest colours. The creamy texture is so smooth - it simply glides on lips with a silky smooth feel when I rub my lips together. Although the name suggests that the lip pencil is matte, don't expect it to dry your lips out because the soft waxy texture keeps lips feeling softer than any other lip pencil I have ever experienced. By the end of the day, I add a little lip treatment to my lips, otherwise I simply add a gloss over the pencil during the day to give extra sheen and hydration. Cafe Con Leche is a stunning gold shade that looks so pretty on lips. Being so fair, you would not assume that I can pull off the colour but it really suits me and I enjoyed wearing it because I just adore the colour.

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