Review: Nair Cream Hair Bleach for Face and Body

Nair Cream Hair Bleach for Face and Body ★★★
Price: $13.99
About: hair lightening bleach with a cream consistency. Comes in a box containing a cream bleach and powder accelerant which are mixed together to activate the formula.
Review: For years I have contemplated trying to lighten my eye brows - without any clue to the perfect product. A friend of mine tried lightening her brows using this product and the results were fantastic so I decided to try it myself. After leaving it on for 4 minutes, my dark brown brows were a dark blonde and blend in perfect with my hair! I have tried it on quite a few occasions now and love the results. While I have not experienced any adverse reactions, I have had slightly sensitive skin under the brow bone and a little redness. The last time I used Nair Cream Hair Bleach I might have left it on for a little too long because I lost a few brow hairs on one side and it freaked me out a little (and made me weary of using the product). I will give it another shot though.

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