GHD's Guest for Little Joe Fashion Luncheon

Pendolino Designer Luncheon for Little Joe by Gail Elliott
Each month I seem to be spoiled more and more by fashion and beauty brands for doing what I love: discussing all things fashion and beauty. Long gone are the days when women turn to their favourite magazine or the confidential pages of a newspaper to see what is new - women want to read up on things as they happen and regularly source the latest from their favourite blogs. Thankfully brands are taking note and starting to see the value in Bloggers who work hard to demonstrate their passion, and reach out to bigger audiences than ever thought possible. 

It was here on my humble little blog that I formed my relationship with GHD, a leading brand in heat and styling hair tools. GHD were sponsors this month for Pendolino's Designer Luncheon for Little Joe Woman and invited me to be their guest for the event. They have just launched the must-have collector's edition: the 2010 Pink ghd IV Styler which was used on model's hair at the event. Don't have one? Run to your nearest salon or supplier before they sell out!

Makeup by Lancome was also very beautiful, yet understated with golden tones and a sun-kissed feel without too much emphasis on any particular feature. The brand new Teint Idole Silky Mat foundation as used to prevent unwanted shine on model's skin yet it gave a luminous radiance to the skin. Once every model had been primped for the event, I was given star treatment and pampered with a makeover by a lovely Lancome makeup artist where I learned about their new foundation and discussed the look for the event, which I was lucky enough to wear too! 


The Look: I arrived at Little Joe's boutique in the Strand an hour before the luncheon where I met the lovely Ashley who represents GHD. She introduced me to the four models 'backstage' and explained the pieces being showcased as well as the look each model was sporting. The chosen models were naturally stunning and very tall. Considering the 5am call-out every girl looked like she had slept like sleeping beauty. The look was low-key because Gail Elliott wanted to bring out the beauty of every piece without 'going overboard'. Hair was complemented with soft, wispy lengths accompanied by gentle GHD curls along the bottom section of hair. 


After my makeover, I was introduced to Gail Elliott. My first thought were, 'Oh my gosh she reminds me of Elle Macpherson'. Gail is naturally beautiful, exudes poise and femininity and has the height of a supermodel, towering over models for the event! Considering the nature of the event Gail was cool, calm and collected, keeping an eye on the scene while chatting with  long-time friend Claudia Navone (Contributing Fashion Editor at Harper’s Bazaar) who is also just as stunning and uber-stylish. Claudia oozes style in every way possible: the way she talks, dresses, her body language. She is beautiful. 

Gail and Claudia presenting the collection during the delicious luncheon.
The Fashion Show: 

With Terry Biviano, the queen of sexy heels

The Event: 3-course luncheon meal hosted at Pendolino's restaurant, Strand Arcade. A room of excited women gathered together to enjoy a fine dining experience at Pendolino's which was absolutely mouth watering (I get hungry just thinking about it). Between Entree and Mains, Little Joe Women's new collection, 'Hot in the City',  a very feminine, sexy and comfortable collection of staple pieces that can be worn from daytime through to evening. The collection was showcased by the gorgeous models while Claudia Navone talked us through each look. Ashley and I were fortunate enough to sit on the same table as Gail Elliott, her lovely husband Joe Coffey, Claudia Navone and one of my favourite shoe designers, Terry Biviano, another stunning woman who is physically beautiful and has a really sweet persona. I loved her makeup - she has mastered the cats flick with eyeliner and it gave her a gorgeous egyptian eye... I look like a white pasty puff next to Terry! 

After the exciting event and meal, we were invited back to the store where we were offered a VIP discount for the afternoon and I had the opportunity to photograph a few of my favourite things:


Our coveted goodie bags
A few little things I could not resist!
Thank you so much to Ashley and GHD for inviting me and to Little Joe Woman, and thank you to Gail Elliott for having me there. I had such a wonderful time and I look forward seeing much more from both brands.

Which piece is your favourite? I love each design because I can think of a specific occasion for each and can see myself sporting every look which are easy to dress up or down

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