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The Smashbox story began in 1991 when brothers Dean & Davis Factor, the great-grandsons of makeup legend Max Factor - combined their talent & heritage to create Smashbox Photo Studio and it was here they decided to create a makeup line that could be used in photoshoots. Smashbox Cosmetics was born in 1996 and the rest is history.

Smashbox Brush Cleaner ($22.95AUD) ★★★★★
Smashbox Brush Cleaner 4 fl oz (120 ml)Product type: antibacterial makeup brush cleaner to clean brushes in between washes. Packaged in a plastic spray bottle.
Purchased? Yes.
Of all the makeup brush cleaners I have tried, Smashbox Cosmetics Brush Cleaner is the best of them  all because it really works hard to remove all traces of makeup from brush bristles. One brand I used previously was as weak as water but Smashbox's Brush Cleaner does what it claims and it works. It is easy to use too: simply spray a few squirts on to paper towel and run makeup brushes through the formula until clean.

Smashbox Cleansing Oil ★½
Smashbox Cleansing Oil - 345ml/11.5oz Product type: oil-based cleanser for makeup removal and general cleansing duties packaged in a large green plastic bottle with pump applicator.
Purchased? Yes.
How should I say this... Smashbox should stick to making cosmetics. This has been my first experience with Smashbox and I can't say it has been a good one. Having used another cleansing oil from a different brand (which I enjoyed), I was surprised to discover all oil cleansers are not all the same. While the other brand was water soluable, Smashbox's Cleansing Oil was simply an oil concoction that sat on my skin and crept into my easily irritated eyes, leaving a horrible film over my pupils that was hard to look through and even harder to remove. Because it is so oily, its traces still remain after cleansing with a regular cleanser and comes off when towel drying which demonstrates how greasy and oily the product is. On a brighter note, Cleansing Oil does remove makeup with ease and the huge bottle lasts forever and a day (but it is certainly not good to your overnight bag and its cap does leak a little) While I look forward to trying other Smashbox products (like their Halo powder) I will not use Cleansing Oil in future.

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder ($84.95AUD)
(Currently trialling)

Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation in 'Light L1' 30ml ($55.95AUD) ★★
Product type: anti-ageing liquid foundation that offers a buildable medium coverage. Designed for high  definition tv wear as well as everyday use. Packaged in a plastic tube-bottle with air tight nozzle-free pump applicator.
Purchased? No.
To say I was disappointed with High Definition Healthy FX Foundation is an understatement because being a makeup artist I honestly love Smashbox and what they stand for. There are various reasons why I am disappointed though:
1) I love yellow based foundation - they are the only foundation I use but High Definition Healthy FX Foundation could be classed 'too yellow'. In fact, it was slightly orange-based which took a lot of blending in to my skin to keep it looking natural which is especiallynot a good look when I am so far-skinned.
2) The coverage was really good, however the formula itself took a long time to blend into my skin and the formula was rather streaky...streaky to the point where my skin requires dabbing ten minutes after application.
High Definition Healthy FX Foundation has a buildable coverage The tube-like bottle is very attractive. It looks professional, is easy to carry and simple to use. I like how the bottle inside moves up as I use it to show how much is left. It contains an impressive line of ingredients to make this anti-ageing such as Vitamin C and Ribose, plus it contains sunscreen SPF15 and is free of parabens. Sadly though I feel as though the foundation needs a little more work before I would use again.

Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner in 'Java' ($28.95AUD) ★★★★★
Product type: soft waterproof eye liner with waxy crayon consstency. Packaged in a pencil and comes with  a built-in sharpener.
Purchased? No.
Limitless Eyeliner has proven itself to be one of the best eyeliner pencils ever. The waxy crayon consistency is super duper soft - the formula glides on with ease and does not irritate my skin. Designed to last for eight hours Limitless Eyeliner went on for hours and hours and by the evening it still looked untouched. Java is a gorgeous dark brown that looks great with just about any eye makeup look and compliments all eye shades too. I love the fact it contains a built-in slimline pencil sharpener in the lid that is not too noticeable. Available in eight shades, Limitless Eyeliner contains Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil to hydrate eyelids.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer 30ml ($52.95AUD) ★★★★
Product type: oil-free primer to help makeup last longer. Packaged in a clear plastic squeeze tube with a twist lid.
Purchased? No.
Let's start with the texture because I really love the texture. It conceals the appearance of my pores whilst smoothing out my skin. Oh, and did I mention that it sets quickly to a matte powdery finish? The only problem is that the formula sets a little too quickly on the skin and unlike a liquid or creme Smashbox Photo Finish Primer does not glide along the skin with ease. This means that you use more product per application but for a matte finish that covers those pores, something has to give. At first I noticed my makeup was not lasting through the day as it had separated along my oily zones, however after applying a little extra my makeup lasted longer. Photo Finish Foundation Primer is paraben free (thank you, Smashbox) The packaging is lightweight and easy to hold. Photo Finish Primer does not contain any harmful ingredients but contains a minute amount of grape seed extract to enhance the skin's condition.

Smashbox That's a Wrap Lash Defining Mascara ★★★½
Product type: mascara designed to give lashes length, volume and definition. Packaged in a sleek black  suqare tube with mascara brush.
Purchased? Yes.
Looking for a mascara that coats lashes and defines them without looking too fake or spidery? If so then That's a Wrap Lash Defining Mascara is for you. The formula gives a lovely finish without clumping lashes or creating a mascara mess. The formulation is the perfect consistency - not too runny, and not too thick and the black finish is great for day wear, but not dramatic enough for evening wear or when wearing with dramatic eye makeup. What I especially love about That's a Wrap Lash Defining Mascara is how easily the formula washes off with eyemakeup remover, because so many mascaras nowadays create tubes of product that coat each lash and create an awful mess while snapping lashes. A really nice natural mascara but I would not recommend it if you would like a defined, sexy faux-lash look.


melmeko said...

Great review on the brush cleaner I will be definitely avoiding the cleansing oil, thanks for the feedback on that one :)

melmeko said...

I have since tried the primer, and unfortunately despite all the rave reviews I was not overly impressed with how it performed on my skin either. I have used far better primers, with formulations I prefer over this one. I would probably give it 3/5. Those eyeliners though, are definitely on my hitlist, busting to try a couple of the more vibrant shades, bright coloured eyeliner is definitely my thing :)

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