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Founded in 1961, Nutrimetics has become one of Europe's largest cosmetic brands. Famously known for its Nutri-Rich Oil which was discovered in the Himalayas, Nutrimetics is sold to clients by consultants, not in-store or on counter like most brands traditionally follow.

Nutrimetics Bronze Glow Shimmer Bronzing Brush ($36.50AUD) ★★★★
Product type: body bronzing powder packaged in a plastic 'pen' with a brush on one end and a 'click'  dispenser on the other to release the product.
This is such a handy and natural bronzing powder and it was my first real experience with a bronzer. I used to rely on this when I performed on stage and needed to look tanned and toned. With a few clicks Bronze Glow Shimmer Bronzing Brush would leave a subtle shimmery glow on my skin without making my skin looks orange or artificial. Need help in the cleavage department? A slick of this between the breasts should do the trick. I prefer to use a pressed bronzing powder for my face but this is perfect for the body. The click dispenser is really convenient and the pen fits perfectly in my hand. The only con: the click pen dispenses uneven amounts of product so there is usually excess in the brush hairs as you put it away.

Nutrimetics Honey And Almond Scrub ($49.00AUD) ★★
Product type: facial exfoliant packaged in a plastic squeeze tube.
I was super excited to use this facial scrub because it sounds so yummy that I want to eat it, plus I had heard good things about Honey and Almond Scrub. But the truth is: it's a bit too rough for my liking. The scent is average, the feel is too abrasive and leaves skin feeling a little raw and hot and looking red. Sadly, I did not get my money's worth as the formulation went funny towards the end and smelled unpleasant yet the expiry date was still a little way off.

Nutrimetics Matol Km ($62.00AUD) ★½
Product type: daily drink containing vitamin and mineral supplements to improve  skin and body health.
I was super excited to try this after my Nutrimetics representative RAVED about the results she noticed since using Matol Km for years and years but the taste is just foul! I could not drink it on its own or in water,  as recommended but the taste is not so bad in juice. The results? I did not see any results as apparantly you need to drink this over a long-term basis so I was disappointed for spending so much on a disgusting tasting formula.

Nutrimetics nc Perfect Matte Oil-Free Foundation ($47.00AUD) ★★★★
Product type: oil-free fluid foundation designed to mattify skin whilst hydrating. Suitable for all skin types.
I love this foundation - the new and improved version is smooth, lightweight and does not clog the pores or leave streaks on the skin. The formula feels soft, smooth, looks matte but does not dry out skin. The range of shades are suited to most skin tones and Perfect Matte Oil-Free Foundation lasts an eight hour day without wearing off. Suitable for all skin types, it is perfect for those with oily skin.. Another excellent Nutrimetics product.

Nutrimetics nc Perfecting Lip Pencil ($24.00AUD) ★★★★★
Nutrimetics nc Perfecting Lip Pencils are so soft and silky. These lip pencils come in a great selection of  shades. I used these in my makeup kit when I was starting out and I love them so much, I still stock a few shades! Because the waxy formula is so soft, it does wear off a little quicker than a hard pencil but it blends well and the shades are really pretty.

Nutrimetics nc Professional Brush Collection ($49.00AUD) ★★★★★
Product type: 5 x multi-purpose makeup brushes packaged in a brush roll.
I received this as a gift when I purchased a makeup kit a few years ago when studying makeup artistry and they proved super handy! The wuality of these brushes are superb and I still use them in my kit to this day. It comes with a powder brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, smudge brush, lip brush (in case) and brow/comb brush. Seeing the perfect starter kit? Look no further. 5 stars!

Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Intensive Lip Treatment SPF 18 ($30.00AUD) ★★
Product type: hydrating lip treatment enriched with Apricot Kernal Oil and an SPF factor. Packaged in a  wind lipstick godet.
While I love the smell of this product, and I enjoy the luxurious feel of applying my lip treatment from a lipstick godet I was disappointed with Nutri-Rich Intensive Lip Treatment as a whole. It hardly softened my lips - in fact I noticed my lips appeared drier and flakier than usual which is certainly not the result I was expecting. I used this many times per day until it was used up but would not use again because it left me disappointed and after reading of its praise, I would not personally recommend it.


Samantha Huver said...

Hi, i found an old NC perfect matte in the back of the cupboard a while ago started using it and love it. Trying to track some down as im not sure they still make it. Can u help?

Tammerly said...

Hi Samantha, I'm have not used Nutrimetics products for some time. The best place to check would be directly via the company. Here is their website:

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