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Successful Australian brand MOR Cosmetics is known for its beautifully packaged beauty products that are designed to make you feel exquisite during the whole experience. It was created by designers Dianna Burmas and Deon St.Mor. with a mutual passion for travel, food and the arts. And while we are on the subject of MOR, you have GOT to check out their adorable website. It has one of the best web designs I have ever seen (especially the 'enter' page).
MOR Emporium Body Butter in 'Feijoa Lime' ($29.95AUD) ★★★★★
Product type: hydrating body balm with a butter-like texture for normal to dry skin. Packaged in a plastic jar with twist lid.
How do I best sum up my thoughts on Emporium Body Butter? Oh I know: BEST BODY BUTTER EVER. I am currently going through a MOR phase but nothing could prepare me for Emporium Body Butter in Feijoa Lime - the most heavenly scent I have ever experienced. Fresh, fruity and rejuvenating Feijoa Lime is a unique scent that turns a lush body butter into one fit for a queen. Look at the packaging for starters - a chic vintage and ladylike box which looks like a delicate wallpaper fit for a feature wall - not a cosmetics box, sealed with an old-fashioned MOR wax stamp of approval and finished off with a ribbon to match the colour-themed body butters. The body butter jar is white with a gorgeous MOR logo printed in gold on the twist-lid and there is a plastic lid inside to keep the product fresh. A formula free from parabens, it is enriched with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Sesame Seed Oil to hydrate the skin to the fullest. What a fantastic buy!
(Thank you to MOR for allowing me to trial this product)

MOR Little Luxuries Lip Nectar in 'Belladonna' ($19.95AUD) ★★★
Product type: shiny lip gloss with a thick, balmy texture. Lip Nectar is quite pigmented and has a minty scent. Packaged in a clear lip gloss tube with a lip applicator nozzle attached.
If I could choose one makeup piece to take with me everywhere, it would always be lip gloss because I love the glossy sheen on lips, the smooth, creamy feeling on my skin, as well as their scent and packaging. Lip Nectar is one of those glosses that has so much to offer - the packaging is so cute - enclosed in a triangular box with a ribbon bow, scented lightly like peppermint and offering a shiny finish to lips. 'Belladonna' is a fluoru pink/coral shade that looks quite nice when worn alone... I actually thought it was going to look like neon on the lips and so I was glad to learn that was not the case. If I wear it all day, I only need to touch up 4-5 times but I find that I need to clean my lips in between touch ups because it feels tacky and leaves an unpleasant residue, hence the loss of stars.

MOR Little Luxuries Mini Hand Cream in 'Belladonna' ($14.95AUD) ★★
Product type: scented hand cream designed to hydrate skin. Packaged in a plastic tube with a twist-lid.
I was 50/50 about this hand cream because MOR's hand cream in Belladonna is heavily scented - too scented for my liking. When I wear this in my workplace, I get asked what I wearing by colleagues standing metres away... Sure we all want to smell nice but we do not want our fragrance to take over. Being heavily fragranced, it is easy to understand why hand cream in Belladonna is drying and does not absorb, hydrate, and repair cracked/cut hands which is a shame. Having dry and sensitive hands I need to be careful with hand creams and sadly this is one of them because after weeks of using, my dry & chapped skin stayed in the same dry & chapped condition that they were when I started.

MOR Little Luxuries Roll-On Perfume in "Belladonna" ($19.95AUD) ★★★★
Product type: oil-based lightly scented fragrance that is applied with a roller-ball applicator and packaged in a small glass bottle.
Launched: 2008
Classification: Floral/Powder Fragrance
My first impression was all about the packaging: a round apricot coloured case that intrigues me. I lift the lid to find a gorgeous gift inside - a beautiful glass bottle with a printed vintage design and a shiny gold lid. I close my eyes and smell the scent and it takes me back to my childhood days and it reminds me of things vintage such as the clothes in my aunt's wardrobe - but in a good way. I love the concept of MOR's Little Luxuries Roll-On Perfume and the name really captures the concept because it feels luxurious and a little bit special. I love the easy to use roll-on applicator and the packaging that protects the frail glass bottle from breakage. I can't say that Belladonna is my favourite fragrance, and I probably would not usually choose this kind of scent but it is certainly still a nice frangrance. I have had mixed reviews from friends - some love it, and some dislike the scent but as you will know, scent is really about personal preference. I am so impressed with Little Luxuries Roll-On Perfume that I look forward to trying other scents in the range.
(Thank you to MOR for allowing me to trial this product)


DanniiBeauty said...

I love Mor products! I got some as a present a while back they are just gorgeous!

choc quest said...

I’ve got the body butter in lychee flower. It’s hydrating and the scent is lovely!

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