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Australian brand Ultraceuticals is scientifically proven professional skincare. The brand focuses on providing solutions for ageing, pigmentation and problem skin and includes a makeup line too.

Ultraceuticals Even Skintone Compact Bronzer ★★★★★ (discontinued)
Price: $55.00
About: facial bronzing powder encased in plastic compact with mirror and sponge.
Review: Even Skintone Compact Bronzer in Terracotta was the first product I ever used from Australian brand Ultraceuticals (UC) and I was so impressed that I was expecting all Ultraceuticals products to be as amazing, so it has set high expectations for other UC products. They are a mineral based bronzer powder, pressed with Vitamins C and E, and contain antioxidants in the form of Green Tea extract. Terracotta is such a nice, natural colour: it is brown-based and makes skin look naturally bronzed without the orange glow that some provide. It comes with a sponge for application (although I recommend a fluffy powder brush) and the compact has a handy mirror. Even Skintone Compact Bronzer in Terracotta is one of my holy grail bronzer buys now and I highly recommend everyone tries it.

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melmeko said...

I have the UC Bronzer in Terracotta as well and I love it, one of the best bronzers I own colour wise :) I have not tried that tinted moisturiser myself but I am a big fan of the regular SPF moisturiser (it is one of the few moisturisers that I can use with spf, my oily skin plays up too much and is fussy with rich moisturisers). Eeek that you mention talc and parabens, I never knew that, wonder if they are in the regular one as well?? I also use the Even Skintone Serum and after having used it religiously for the last 8 months, going from Pharma to Pro after the first month, I still have no noticeable results, I have recently tried the Medik8 White Balance and it is ahhhhmazing, honestly I have only used it for three weeks and I have had more obvious results by far compared with the UC and it is not at all greasy either, yay!! I will be ditching the UC one and purchasing the Medik8 for sure, I can only imagine how good my skin will be after 8 months using that one ;) Also I use the Ultra Hydration Gel, which I am pretty fond of. I have been on the hunt for a moisturiser that I can wear at night without leaving my skin oily in the morning. I have found a couple of good spf ones (the UC, Kosmea and Alpha-H) but I don't exactly want to wear spf to bed at night either, lol. I tried many moisturisers and just kept hitting a brick wall, I would get up in the morning every time with an oil slick on my face (not a good look, haha) so I pulled out this UC gel that had been sitting in my cupboard for nearly 6 months and sure enough it worked, don't know why I didn't try it sooner, I guess I had not seen much positive feedback about it and didn't bother to try for myself, well I am glad I did because yeah so far after just a couple of weeks it looks like the bomb for my oily skin ;) Oh and just off the beaten track I though I should also mention the other product I found for a nightly moisturiser just in case anyone with oily skin is reading this and is in the same boat as I am. The Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Skin Rehydration Serum is brilliant. I have never ever used a hydrating serum before so didn't expect too much but after using it for a few weeks I was amazed. It is oil free, fast absorbing and leaves my skin soooo soft and nourished I can't describe how good it is, I am kind of tossing up between this and the UC, obviously the UC is much cheaper but the Medik8 is unbelievably good, I think I might wind up getting both and alternate or something, haha. Anyway, yeah my last plug at the Medik8 if you have oily skin give it a try, or even if you don't you can still use the serum and just put your regular night cream on top, your skin will thank you for it, especially during these cooler drying months ;)
Finally I have the UC body oil, it is fantastic and versatile, you can even use it in your hair to tame flyaways, great multi-tasking product :)

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