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A-List brand Terax Hair Care will change the way you think about hair. If you have suffered from symptoms such as dry, frizzy and lifeless locks, and I know 90% of us do, then Terax Hair Care is here to rescue your locks. All Terax shampoos are free from sulphate, sodium chloride, silicones and artificial colours which makes them better for your hair and the environment. Cult product Crema opens the hair follicle and penetrates it with hydration, while the leave-in moisturisers close the follicle and seal it with hydrating properties. Terax Hair Care do not stop at the hair on your head; they are renown for their popular body shaving cream.

Terax Original Crema ($14.95AUD) ★★★★★
Product type: creamy conditioner that acts as a hair mask.
TERAX CREMA HAIR CONDITIONER 6.7 OZ.I know this will sound like a cliche but Terax Original Crema is a lifesaver! The cult product of Terax Hair Care, this lightweight and creamy conditioner has done wonders for my long, dry, coloured lengths. You can use daily but being so rich, I use it 2-3 times weekly. Original Crema's 'ultra moisturising' claim rings true because my hair feels the softest it has ever felt, it has honoured claims to strengthen hair strands as mine no longer break or snag like they usually do. A cream formula that detangles, strengthens and softens, Original Crema can also be used as a hydrating hair mask treatment on a weekly basis. The scent is amazing - a light and creamy scent that smells soft and appealing. Its plastic squeeze tube is really handy for keeping in the bathroom or for overnight stays. I am so thrilled that I have been introduced to the product because it has become my holy grail conditioner.
(Thank you to sassisam.com for allowing me to trial this product)

Terax Terax Delicato ($24.95AUD) ★★
Terax - Shampoo Delicato - For Frequent Washing - 12 oz. Product type: hydrating shampoo for normal hair types.
was not suited to my hair type, and I was really surprised by the negative reaction it gave my scalp. Formulated for normal hair, Delicato has a Gentlewash system designed to cleanse hair without stripping it of natural oils but my scalp over-reacted to the formula and went into oil-slick over drive. Rosemary is infused to hair and scalp health, while yucca helps Delicato lather up and spread. Surprised as my hair is normal with dry ends, I ignored it for a little while until my hairdresser made mention of my scalp also which made me realise my concern was real. The navy plastic packaging matches that of Original Crema's and compliments the famous conditioner, but it did not give the fantastic results I was hoping for. I have since been recommended to try Bosco which helps clean excess oil from the scalp. but I am yet to give it a go.
(Thank you to sassisam.com for allowing me to trial this product)

Terax Life Drops ($29.95AUD) ★★★★
Terax Life Drops- Leave-in Protein Cond for Damaged Hair 6.7 ozProduct type: leave-in hair conditioner and root hydrator.
has got to be one of the best leave in hair treatments I have used. Life Drops absorbs really quickly into hair strands while keeping hair feeling weightless, smooth, and soft to touch. Although results do not happen overnight, it will happen within a few weeks, so be patient. Considering my hair is long, coloured, and heat damaged Life Drops have really worked hard along with Original Crema to fight the damage caused. Vanilla sugar scented, I make time to use a little each night before bed just so I can indulge in one last sugar fix! The plastic squeeze packaging is really handy too but I could seriously do with a half-size version of Life Drops because 200ml is just too much, and it can be inconvenient for travelling.
(Thank you to sassisam.com for allowing me to trial this product)

Terax Gloss - Finishing Serum ($24.95AUD) ★★★½
Terax Hair Care Gloss Finishing Serum 1 fl oz (30 ml) Product type: silicone-based taming gloss for frizzy hair types.
stops my frizzies dead in their tracks. While the serum glosses every strand it touches, the formula is so lightweight that it is almost invisible to touch and feel. While it does not miraculously smooth split ends, Gloss does help to prevent them by smoothing the hair follicle one by one. However, Terax Gloss does leave a slight residue on my hands, which can be rinsed off with warm water, or wiped off with a towel. My advice is to use sparingly because silicone makes the formula spread further, plus if too much is used hair will look too slick and glossy for its own good. I would use this in future - especially in cooler months when my hair does misbehave and frizz.
(Thank you to sassisam.com for allowing me to trial this product)

Terax Complete Shave ($17.95AUD) ★★★★★
Terax Complete Shave - Moisturizing Shaving Cream with Menthol (5 oz)Product type: soothing shave cream for body.
has become my shaving cream of choice. With menthol to stimulate the senses and caffeine to decrease skin sensitivity the whole experience is so therapeutic and enjoyable. My skin loves the soothing formula which guarantees me a smoother shave without redness or ingrowns. I love the recyclable plastic squeeze-tube packaging which is aluminum and aerosol free. I stopped using shave creams a while ago because most come packaged in aerosol cans which are dangerous and not environmentally friendly.
(Thank you to sassisam.com for allowing me to trial this product)

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