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Swisspers is your one-stop beauty brand for skincare accessories such as cotton pads, cotton tips, and facial cleansing wipes all at affordable prices. The best bit: all packaging is recyclable or re-usable.

Swisspers Body Self-Tan Wipes ★★★ (discontinued)
Price: $7.95
About: tanning wipes that look like baby wipes/wet wipes and apply a clear coating to the skin which dries to leave a light tan on the skin. Packaged in plastic packet with a resealable sticker to prevent wipes from drying out.
Review: Having never tried self- tanning wipes for the face & body, and being keen to try new things, I was excited when these arrived in the post. The white wipes glide on to the skin with no hint of colour, so it CAN leave skin streaky because I lose track of where I have been. A wipe generally covers one leg so it takes a few wipes to cover the body. I feel a little awkward using a wipe because if I scrunch it up I don't know where there is product left over, but if I flatten the wipe and pull it across the skin, the wipe loses shape & prevents smooth application. The result: I had a slight tan on my arms, and noticeable streaky thighs.

Swisspers Cotton Squares ★★★★★
Price: $3.45 / $5.95
Pack size: 80 / 150
About: soft cotton pieces designed to assist in removing makeup from skin, and can be used to assist with nail polish removal.
Review: This is a beauty maven's everyday essential. The price is quite reasonable (bonus), Swisspers Cotton Squares are so soft and feel like mini cushions for your face so you know your skin is in good hands! Cotton Squares gives makeup removal a new meaning and I look forward to taking the day off in one big swoop.

Swisspers Make-Up Pads ★★★★★
Price: $3.30 / $5.95
Size: 80 / 160
About: assist in removing makeup from skin, and can be used to assist with nail polish removal.
Review: Buy in bulk: I have a packet of these in my handbag, my overnight case, my vanity cabinet. Why? Because they are lightweight and perfect for emergencies.

Swisspers Unscented Facial Cleansing Wipes 25s ★★★★
Price: $6.00
Size: 25 wipes
About: unscented disposable cleansing facial wipes designed to clean skin and act as a pick-me-up. Packaged in a plastic resealable pack.
Review: Good value for money, I like Unscented Facial Cleansing wipes because they contain no alcohol and you can take these anywhere you like for a quick cleanse or even to freshen up because they do not leave a residue on the skin like almost every brand on the market. However, they do not really remove makeup very well but are great for those nights when you come home late and want to clean your face in less than a minute.

Swisspers Wet Eye Make-Up Remover Pads 30s ★★★★★ (discontinued)
Price: $4.95
Size: 30 pads
About: gentle makeup remover pads specifically designed for removing eye makeup. Packaged in a plastic resealable pack.
Review: I love them because I wear a lot of eye makeup for work as well as when I go out somewhere special. I was seeking a product that paid special attention to the eye area...and voila, here it is! Highly recommended for all of you who wear heavy eye-makeup or even lots of mascara because Wet Eye Make-Up Remover Pads takes it off in no time. You will not be disappointed.


melmeko said...

Wow I like the sounds of the Wet Eye Make-Up Remover Pads and they are well priced too. I think I will give the tanning wipes a miss though, nothing worse than streaks!!

DanniiBeauty said...

I love the swisspers makeup pads - I always buy them when on sale and have like 5 packets in my makeup cabinet! They are fantastic and great to use!

greenlees said...

I love the makeup pads, and the cotton squares. As well as on my face I use them to clean my dog's eyes and to remove nail polish

keppers said...

I have both the exfoliating wipes and the self tanning wipes and I agree that they seem like such a handy quick idea but in reality they just do not work the way you would like them to.

Tammerly Robinson said...

Thanks for your great review Keppers - I am relieved to know I am not the only one who feels this way. Their Makeup Pads are great, Greenlees.

Kim Manalo said...

might try them out sometime :D

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