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Too Faced Absolutely Invisible ($44.95AUD) ★★★★★
Too Faced - Absolutely Invisible Translucent Pressed PowderProduct type: pressed facial powder that offers a sheer yet flawless coverage and helps to set makeup base. Packaged in round black plastic compact with mirror.
What a heavenly powder. It is so sheer, you will feel as though you are dusting on air as you apply it to the skin. This translucent veil sets the foundation and keeps it looking fresh all day.You will not even know you are wearing this as it disappears into the skin. A beautiful product - which reminds me, I need a new powder!
Too Faced Duo Shadow Eye Shadow ($34.95AUD) ★★★★★
Product type: highly pigmented powder eye shadows that come packaged as duos in colours that accentuate eyes and compliment one another. Packaged in round black plastic compact.
I can't get over how so strongly pigmented Duo Shadows are! The colour washes on to the skin true to form and lasts hours on. The colour range is very good and the point of the duo is the convenience of carrying two shades in the one compact. All duos correspond so the shades compliment each other. Stock up and buy two duos, this way you will have four colours to choose from. The slimline compacts are really neat, but they don't contain a mirror so carry one if you're on the go.

Too Faced First BaseToo Faced First Base ($27.00AUD) ★★★★½
Product type: eye primer designed to help eye makeup last longer and makes colour more vibrant. I love this product! Like a primer for the eyes, First Base gives all eye makeup extra wear whether it be eye shadow powder, cream, liner or loose eye dust. It holds eye shadow, and even acts to brighten and accentuate the colour of eye makeup. If you have oily eyelids, or just have trouble keeping your eye makeup on, then Eye Shadow Base will address this...pronto! The packaging is sleek and the product is in a handy compact for everyday use. Get it before it runs out the door.

Too Faced Foiled Eye Liner Pencil ($32.95AUD) ★★★★
Too Faced Foiled Liners Metallic Eye Liner, Black Beauty .04 oz (1.2 g) Product type: waterproof and smudge-free eye liners with a soft texture.
I love Foiled Eye Liner Pencils for many reasons. The packaging is super cute and very feminine, they are waterproof and don't budge once on, the colours are really vibrant, almost with a shimmer and they are super soft so they do not drag or scratch the skin. I love Bronze Bombshell the best but Black Beauty is iconic - the perfect black for all occasions. The price is a little bit much for an eye pencil but they do not disappoint.

Too Faced Liquif-Eye Set ($64.95AUD) ★★★★★
Too Faced Liquif-Eye Shadow CollectionProduct type: powder eye-liner palette that come packaged with Liquif-Eye liquid pen which turns the powder pig,ents into liquid shades to use as liquid eye liners.
Do you want a liquid eyeliner kit that is compact and can be used to create many colours? Look no further because Liquif-Eye eye liner kit comes with a clear pot of liquid eyeliner. Dip this into the compact of 12 amazing shades and you can have black, brown, blue, purple, silver, gold (or rainbow) eye liners in a jiffy. Too easy! I find Liquif-Eye is so simple to use, the colours are so vibrant too, and the concept is really unique. Five stars.

Too Faced Magic Wand Foundation ($61.95AUD) ★★★★★
Too Faced Magic Wand Illuminating Foundation, St. Barth's Bronze .57 fl oz (17 ml) Product type: liquid foundation packaged in a plastic 'pen' tube with a button at the top that disperses the formula in the the foundation brush bristles connected on the other end to help assist in application.
For someone who is not familiar with using a foundation brush...or for someone who does not want to get their hands dirty, this magic wand is for you! Magic Foundation Wand has a built in brush on the end so you can apply this directly to the skin. Simply click the button at the top and the colour slowly releases in to the brush. The colours are really good ranging from fair to chocolate brown skin tones so everybody gets a fair go. The consistency is light to medium and quite natural looking. It may be a little expensive for a teenager but I would recommend it as it is so easy to use.

Too Faced Mini Brush Set ($115.00AUD) ★★★½
Too Faced Cosmetics Mini Brush Set 6 pieceProduct type: six-piece brush set for travelling and convenience. Made of artificial hair. Hmmm, I find the Mini Brush Set is over-rated & over-priced. Sure, the packaging is cute and convenient when travelling but it is certainly not professional-grade. While the brushes are of good quality & easy-to-use, the flat brush is a bit too wide, while I prefer an angle brush. However the blush/powder brush and eye shadow brushes, made from artificial teddy bear hair is super soft and perform well. I can purchase a 19 piece makeup artist brush set for $180 hence why this seems so expensive.

Too Faced Ooh La Rouge Blush & Bronzer ($34.95AUD) ★★★★★
Too Faced Ooh La Rouge - Avant-GrandeProduct type: blusher and bronzers that come in pigmented duos to give face extra tone and definition. Packaged in black plastic compact.
With pretty shades to choose from Ooh La Rouge blush and bronzer are two-toned blush or bronzers that can double as both. Mix the two shades together in the compact to achieve that naturally flushed look anywhere, anytime. It feels light and silky on the cheeks.
Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzing Powder ($54.95AUD) ★★★
Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzing Powder 1 eaProduct type: claims to be a bronzing powder however I would call it a facial highlighting powder. Packaged in chunky container with a pull-out draw which contains a thin brush for application. This is definitely more of a highlighter than bronzer, so the name is misleading. The product gives a nice, natural sheen of radiance to the skin, lightly bronzes, and comes with a cute brush for application. The packaging is a little bulky for keeping in the handbag but it is still a handy product for daily use or to take on vacation.

Too Faced Status Gloss ($36.00AUD) ★★★★★
Too Faced - Status Gloss - Trust Fund BabyProduct type: smooth and glossy pigmented lip shades that coat lips and keep them looking kissable. Packaged in plastic tube with brush applicator on wand.
Status Gloss is great. I love the choice of colours, which have gold shimmers running through them, making the lips look glossier and more luscious. The consistency is smooth, non-sticky and it spreads evenly. The names are really cute too, I love Champagne Wishes & Trust Fund Baby. They have lip brushes on the end so you get a smooth, precise finish each time.

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I swatched the too-faced-insurance-eyeshadow palette and I was surprised by how pigmented the shadows are too!!! Definitely adding it into my make up collections :D

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