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The Body Shop Body Butter ★★★★★
Price: $8.95+
Size: 50ml | 200ml |400ml
About: rich, hydrating body balm with a butter-like texture that smells like coconut. Packaged in  plastic jar with twist lid.
Review: I love The Body Shop's range of Body Butters! The consistency gives you a rich hydration and is fantastic for winter months as well as dry skin. The range can be hard to choose from as these fragranced body butters smell too good to choose just one. They come in two sizes so buy a large one, or take home two different types. While they do hydrate sufficiently, some require a little blending in. So far I have tried Coconut, Brazil Nut, Mango, Papaya & Pink Grapefruit. You won't be disappointed, and they don't cost an arm and a leg either.

The Body Shop Body Scrub in 'Pink Grapefruit' & 'Coconut' ★★★★
Price: $24.95
Size: 200ml
About: hydrating gentle body exfoliant which is mixed with oils and water to maintain a slightly damp texture which helps the granules adhere to skin.
Review: Pink Grapefruit & Coconut Body Scrub are gorgeous - they smell beautiful, leave my skin feeling softer and smoother, and a little goes a long way, making them good value for money. They actually made a difference to the condition of my dry, scaly legs (and it is hard to find a good scrub), so I recommend this product to others.

The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover ★★
Price: $5.95+
Size: 60ml | 250ml
About: makeup remover specifically designed for eye makeup removal. Packaged in a white plastic container with a flip-top lid.
Review: Sadly Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover is not my favourite eye makeup remover. I purchased a travel size bottle to remove eye makeup whilst commuting daily on the train. I discovered the product stings quite a bit if it enters the eyes. Also I did not like the feel of it, and the product can get a little messy when using so all-in-all I was not impressed with this purchase and would not buy in future.

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector ★★★½
Price:  $9.95 | $19.95
About: hand cream designed to sooth and protect even the driest of hands. Designed for very dry skin. Packaged in a large silver squeeze tube with a twist lid.
Review: Hemp Hand Protector is a fantastic cream for the hands. It is VERY rich so I only recommend it for the driest of hands so if you are a mum, nurse or constant hand washer this one is for you. The consistency is more like a balm, so it requires blending but with ongoing use it has helped to heal my cracked hands and soften during the day and by night when applied before bed. Unfortunately though I am not a huge fan of the hemp scent which is pretty ordinary. I wish the large size tube was slightly smaller in size as it is gigantic for the average handbag but having said that I am so glad the packaging was recently changed for an environmentally friendly recyclable plastic tube.

The Body Shop Lip Butter ★★
Price: $13.95
About: non-glossy lip treatment designed to treat, heal and repair lips from every day wear and tear. Packaged in a small plastic jar with twist lid.
Review: I have used The Body Shop's Lip Butter in Coconut do not find the product works. In order to feel like it is working efficiently I have to apply a lot to make lips feel smooth. The formula it rubs off really quickly and does not feel as though it is being absorbed. A disappointing buy.

The Body Shop Milk Bath Powder ★★★★
Price: $13.95
About: bath product with a powder consistency that turns milky upon contact with water. Designed to soften skin and relax the body.
I actually really like this product because it smells so good and does make my skin feel soft. It even makes the water in the bath somehow feel softer and more luxurious! If you are one of those people who have always wanted to try a milk bath like Cleopatra did, then this is a good way to experience it.


melmeko said...

Loved my coconut body butter (smell is to die for), but have gone on the hunt for something new and better, there are others around that are equally as nice and a bit cheaper too, plus I have no TBS close by anymore. I also have a lip balm in strawberry which is yummy as well, and it has lasted me ages, must be nearly a year old now :)

Mandy... said...

I love pretty much all of The Body Shop's products, they all smell amazing. I love there body butters, they feel so lovely and luxurious when you put them on! I have a couple of their lip butters and I find them to be really moisturizing, and they do last me a while!

pinkshoes said...

My hubby bought me the milk bath for my birthday and I love the softness that this makes to the water.(don't know how it works but it does) The scent is not too overpowering either I feel so spoilt when I have a milk bath.

Choc Quest said...

Love the body butters! the scents are amazing especially japanese cherry blossom!

Kim Manalo said...

love this brand! so ethical and always celebrated the 'right' type of beauty!

Tammerly said...

Now owned by L'Oreal Paris, their ethics were scrutinised by the media but I still love the brand and believe it is still ethical.

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