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Sanctum Certified Organic Skincare Body Polish ($29.95AUD) ★★★½
Product type: exfoliating body scrub made from loose granules of coffee and other conditioning properties.
I am sooo in love with Sanctum's Body Polish! It smells way too good to use just on the body (I want to eat it!) It smells like fresh coffee and feels great on the skin. However, this is a dry granule scrub (hence why I gave it 4 stars) so unless you are doing this in the bath, it will go everywhere so my advice is to mix it with olive oil so it sticks to the skin and your skin will feel even smoother and healthier afterward. FANTASTIC!

Sanctum Certified Organic Skincare Hy C Recovery Serum ($49.95AUD) ★★★★
Product type: hydrating facial serum which claims to contain hydrating and firming properties.
I was fortunate enough to trial Hy C Recovery Serum (and really glad that I did). The scent is lovely yet hard  to describe but it smells fresh and almost sweet. The product feels great on application, it is a gel texture so it absorbs rather fast and provides a great base for moisturiser and foundation. It feels a little bit sticky once applied but it is fine after the moisturiser is applied. The only thing I could fault it on is that it does not firm.I can't wait to venture further into Sanctum and try their other goodies including their body wrap mask! MMMMmmm!

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melmeko said...

I have had a few Sanctum samples, pretty nice stuff but yeah a bit exy and I didn't really try anything that made me go wow I have to have that, so yeah have not purchased anything as of yet.

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