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Melli Cosmetics 19 Piece Artist Brush Set ($180.00AUD) ★★★★½
Product type: 19 piece professional brush set with brush roll with sable & synthetic brushes. 
These are an absolute bargain at $180.00. The quality of these brushes are marvellous and they are packed tightly so you should not get too many brush hairs falling out when applying makeup. This is perfect for a makeup artist or makeup student - I use these on my clients and they have been extremely reliable for the past two years. I will most definitely purchase the 19 piece brush set from Melli again.

Melli Cosmetics 28 Colour Pro Artist Palette in 'Nude' ($120.00) ★★★★★
Product type: 28 colour pressed eye shadow palette in "Nude". Contains shimmer & matte finishes, packaged in large black palette.
What a fantastic makeup palette for bridal and natural looks - I hope it has not been discontinued because it is an staple piece for every woman's eye wardrobe. This gorgeous collection provides every shade required for a gorgeous neutral, smokey or bridal look and the pigment is of excellent quality. I get comments every time I whip this out and I love using it on myself and my clients.

Melli Cosmetics 88 Colour Pro Artist Palette (discontinued) ★★★★★
Product type: 88 colour pressed eye shadow palette containing every colour family. Contains shimmer & matte finishes, packaged in large black palette with mirror & foam applicators.
My first Melli product, the now discontinued 88 Colour Pro palette was the best palette ever! I have had this palette for two years and it just keeps on giving and giving. My clients love the convenience of a palette with so many shades, and I love the reliability of the product: the eye shadow colours are all heavily pigmented and last hours on the eyes. Some are matte, while others are shimmery and they never disappoint. Bring it back, Melli, PLEASE!

Melli Cosmetics Deep Cleanser Makeup Dissolver ($38.00AUD) ★
Product type: creamy white makeup removing cleanser, packaged in white plastic squeeze bottle w/ pop lid.
I was very excited to try this out and use it on my clients but I chose not to because I did not like the product. It left my skin feeling dirty, and it left a film of residue on my skin. Unfortunately I felt like I had to use another makeup remover afterwards to remove the traces of remaining makeup and found it to be pointless to double-handle, so I ended up giving it to a friend. However, the presentation of the packaging is lovely.

Melli Cosmetics Isis Eye Shadow Palette ($99.00AUD) ★★★★★
Product type: 15 colour pressed eye shadow palette in "Isis". Contains shimmer & matte finishes, packaged in black palette.
Melli's Isis Eye Shadow palette has the most gorgeous shades, some shimmery, some glittery, some matte, but all fabulous. They are so highly pigmented giving you true colour each time, so there is not need to constantly re-apply or spend ages building it up. It feels so light and airy on the lids, and some shades can be used for eye lining and as a brow filler which is super handy.

Melli Cosmetics Nude Lipliner Pencil ($25.00AUD) ★★★★★
Product type: soft lip liner pencil.
BEST nude lip liner. Ever. I spent two years searching for a perfect nude lip liner - so many brands claim to have a nude liner that is either too pink or too brown. Then I came across Melli's and I don;t think I could ever look any further. The shade is a NATURAL nude-pink, almost as if you are wearing nothing at all. It can be worn with any lipstick or gloss and prolongs the hold.

Melli Cosmetics On Set Large Brush Belt ($55.00AUD) ★★★★★
Product type: clip-on black brush belt for on set makeup artists. Holds lots of brushes & accessories.
This has got to be the niftiest tool for every makeup artist out there. For every makeup artist who does not have one, I urge you to RUN, not walk, to your telephone and contact your local stockist! These are so handy and save you from constantly bending down to pick up brushes, etc and I almost always receive comments from clients - they call me Tam the tool girl (haha!)

Melli Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in 'Nude Shimmer' ★★
Product type: illuminating powder to highlight cheekbones, bridge of nose, and chin. Packaged in a black round plastic compact with a mirror on the inside for touch-ups.
There are reasons why I love this, and reasons why I do not. While the packaging is very stylish, slimline and sleek, the actual product is not a winner. The powder looks shimmery and gorgeous but the deceiving powder is not as pigmented as it appears so I need to apply a lot before I see the results. The powder makes no real difference to the complexion and, frankly is a waste of time when there are so many wonderful products on the market. Perhaps this is why it was a GWP? Sadly though, I thought it was going to be an amazing product so I was thoroughly surprised at the negative result.

Melli Cosmetics Waterproof GelCreme Liner in 'Teddy', 'Nymph, & 'Purr' ($31.00AUD) ★★★★★
Product type: waterproof & long-stay cream gel eye liner, packaged in air-tight glass jars.
Melli's Gel Eyeliners are the best! They come in a great variety of colours which suit all eye wardrobe palette. They are waterproof so they have excellent staying power and feel soft and smooth on the skin. They are not drying on the skin, whatsoever.


David Carter said...

Shimmer Powder were samples from a manufacturer that did not 'make it' to the range.

Sadly 'GWP's dont live up to most peoples expections anyway as they are mostly end of line,samples or sample sizes!

Pink Diva: Makeup Artist and Beauty Guru xx said...

Hi David,
Thank you for the information - it is good to know.
While it was great to try, sadly it did not meet my expectations as you said.
Very pretty and sparkly though & I hope another shimmer makes Melli's range soon.

melmeko said...

These products sound fantastic, the makeup palettes are so affordable, shame about the 88 palette though :( Thanks heaps PDMUA I can always rely on you for an honest review, nothing worse than reading someone's reviews and they give everything 5 stars (what the??) surely everything can't be perfect and those kinds of reviews are not the ones that I would consider to find out the "real deal" before purchasing something new. This is definitely the blog to learn about the good and the bad :)

sirking said...

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